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Yo Ass is Doomed



this had me in stitches, gotta love the random use of the zoom function


That's gold!


That dude has sweet hair.


"Are ya laughin' bitach?"



That dude was funnier than the farting preacher. This has classic written all over it.


Was he supposed to be floating or some shit?


Don't be a tease. Please provide a link to the farting preacher. Much obliged.


If Old Dirty Bastard had gotten born again in prison...

Actually, I like this guy. It's as if he took the revolutionary nature of the Nation of Islam (whitey, house nigger), along with their "heaven and hell are right here on earth" elucidation, but stayed with Jesus.

Yeah, I actually listened to what he was saying.

Dude didn't pick up any of NOI's discipline though, and will never be more than a joke due to that. A good joke though.

Nice soundtrack too (Parliament).


Actually that's Ice Cube featuring Parliament. At least that version of it is. It's off Lethal Injection.

(Hmm... maybe I should change my name to Blood is Hip-Hop? Nah...)


Does anyone get the feeling that this is so ridiculous it might be serious....it's amazing what shit will fly sometimes.


That's the second video I've seen of that guy. I can't believe he actually got away with a second episode of that show.


thank you, all I have to say is thank you. I have been in tears for the last 15 minutes. classic.


Here you go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQT6AwcaIZo&mode=related&search=farting%20preacher


Another fun one:



OHHHH you satan? stoopid bitch....that sh*t is classic


Motha-fuckin, nincom-fuckin-POOP!

Can't add anything to that!


I don't know about all the fire and brimstone stuff .... but I'd love to meet his hairstylist.


Well...that is...damn...ummm...shit