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Yk11 SARM Opinons


Any opions on yk11. Is it safe to use and can i use it as a bridge after anavar cycle?

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From what I’ve read about it, it wouldn’t be good for this. It’s not an anabolic

It never once underwent a single human trial, so I wouldn’t use the word ‘safe’ to describe it.

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have you had any experience with it?

As far as i can see its never even been tested on animals, molecule wise is a manipulated second cousin of Tren … in oral form …so basically garbage.

I missed this the first time. Anavar ONLY cycle? That’s also a bad idea …

You mentioned bridging, so what compounds are you planning on running?

i ran anavar 50mg per day 500mg test per week with masteron 200mg per week. i would run low dose test 200mg per week with yk11 10 mg per day.

Fairly sure yk-11 has structural similarities to dihydrotestosterone. This drug should theoretically be classified as an anabolic androgenic steroid. All modified derivitives of testosterone are tissue selective to an extent, hence the a/a ratios relative to test.

Not sure if this stuff can colloquially be termed a SARM (mind you trenbolone has been coined a “SARM” within medical literature). Though it would appear to act as a partial agonist of the AR, hence the mechanism of action/pharmacokinetics of the drug differs from traditional AAS.

The data we have regarding this drug is limited to rodent models, and there is (rodent) data indicative the drug alters expression of follistatin, thus the people using it probablg have hopes the drug functions as a myostatin inhibitor.

I think if the drug were that amazing we’d be seeing fucking hyoooge guys walking around 24/7… But this isn’t the case, hell development of the drug was abandoned during preclinical trials.

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