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Yikes, Popped Rib


I was grappling with a big SOB tonight. (I'm 210; he's 315.) Long story short, while we're wrestling, I twist the wrong way and experience a delightful "pop" around my rib. It now hurts like hell to move, breathe, sneeze, think, etc.

I know this is a fairly common injury, but I've read mixed views on treatment. Does the ever-knowledgable T-Nation community have an opinion on whether it's worthwhile to have a subluxated rib - if indeed it's out of place - put back in by a chiro or sports doc? Some claim this speeds recovery tremendously, while others insist that only rest will heal this ailment.

For what it's worth, I don't think it's broken, but the injury is definitely visible and easily detectable by running my fingers over the area.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.


I have had a similar injury and for me it was worth the trip to the chiro. Still took a few days to heal but I could breath without pain right away.

Try it and see, if it doesn't work then your out $40. If it works your still out $40 but it heals faster and you can breath without pain for the weekend.

Good Luck.


I am peaking for a meet in early November and last week popped out my rib on the back left side.

Getting up, coughing or sneezing was remarkably painful not to mention walking out heavy weight or pulling.

My chiro/ART guy popped it back into place on Monday and I feel good enough to pull heavy this afternoon which I was unable to do last Friday.

Bottom line, get to the chiro. Hopefully you don't have any soft tissue damage. Then it is going to take longer to heal.

Good luck.


Do some heavy pullovers it'll get in place by itself.


Yes, see a chiro and the sooner you do it the better.



Thanks for advice, guys. I went today, but he wanted to see some x-rays before he started poking around.

Right now, I got the ice and Wobenzyme going.


Sorry to hear you bust rib, hope it's better a year on! Just did mine on birthday playing rugby. Spoke to chiro, and as much as they are like a mechanic (turn up with scratched paint and you need a new clutch) they are fixing your back. Leave your rib, and it will get better, but won't be 100% until it's in the right place. As long as you aren't paying over the odds it's worth it to get it fixed. Do shop around though.


Would foam rolling help loosen up the area enough for it to shift back into place? Afterall, you pay the chiro for a few minutes on the rolling table and a few quick pops...

Just a thought.