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Yet More Rosstraining Gold


Some of you might remember the "challenge" Ross had put in front of him last year that although his bodyweight/relative strength feats are impressive....he lacked any "Real" Strength...585 Trap bar dead at 180.

He just works hard while most look for the "secrets" of training.....


He's an animal. Love his shit.


By the way, I love how honest he is.

"As for the trap bar, one unique feature (at least the model I have) is that there are two handle options. Below is a video of me pulling 585 pounds. I flipped the handle over on the bar which shortened the range of motion by a few inches. This really made a difference for me. Last week, I had failed on 585 with the handles turned the other way."

Not many guys that are trying to sell stuff are that honest with you.




What is amazing to me is that he doesn't train like a powerlifter or traditional strength athlete, but puts up some pretty good numbers regardless.


yeah, i love his stuff. simple, and he's also an excellant example of a great all-around athlete.

side note: when i was depolyed in Iraq, my buddies and i found a web site called "books for soldiers" or something like that. anyone, my freind put Ross's Never Gymless on his wish-list, and Ross personally sent him the book with a letter thannking him for his service. pretty solid dude, in my opinion...


That's awesome. Again, rarely do you get stand up guys in that business... or any business... and I couldn't see Matt Furey or Pavel doing that.