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Yet Another V-Diet Manifesto

Dear fellow T-Nationers,

In short - I started my V-diet on Sunday 10/22/06. I’m writing this on the morning of Day 6.

In ‘long’, I started the reclamation of my life about 2 1/2 months ago, when I looked at myself at 5’11" 275 LBS of fat and said, “Either start pre-planning your funeral or do something about this you dumbass!”

I achieved decent fitness in my mid 20’s (I’m 32 today), when I was about 8% and 210 of stacked leaness without any AAS - just dedication. So you can imagine the depression caused by looking at the clothes I wore then vs. the size 42 pants I had to wear at 275 +. And it definately affected basically all other areas of my life as you can imagine.

At the start of my V-Diet on Sunday I had already achieved recomposition to 255 LBS (about 20 LBS fat loss over the 2.5 months). And I was seeing resepectable gains (thank god for muscle memory).

But, I was still far from that 8%, and I was starting to backslide on my diet a bit. My backslides come in the form of beer/wine drinking more than anything else. And my training was starting to suffer as a result of too much partying.

I’m currently on a long term work assignment so I’ve been living in a hotel for the past 6 weeks, and will continue to do so for a few months.It was too easy to spend my $50 food/beverage per diem on filet mignion, 10 beers or so, or a bottle or two of wine every night. Plus the only social life I have here are the friends I met who are regulars in the hotel lounge.

So being on the V-Diet for the 6th day now, naturally I’ve made some adjustments. I still visit the lounge for a few hours at night, but instead of beer I am enjoying 6-7 club sodas or ice waters.

The first 4 days were the most difficult for me. But now I feel its almost a habit, I don’t really think about food now - but definately look forward to my shakes. In fact, I’m not really salivating much over my first ‘meal’ - so I’m sure I’ll be able to keep it super healthy and not indulge (one of my fears when starting).

In fact, last night I was in the lounge listening to the entertainment and a friend of mine sitting next to me ordered several appetizers for everyone: Crab cakes, chicken fingers, shrimp cocktail and buffalo wings. Those are my absolute favorite finger foods. There couldn’t have been a stronger temptation put in front of me. And those crab cakes were THICK.

I didn’t touch any of it. I did go upstairs for half a shake though ;-).

I must say I feel pretty good, workouts are going well.

I think posting all of this helps keep me sane, like an addict who has to go to meetings and tell everyone their problems LOL.


IFR Pilot

Sounds like you’re doing well, and your willpower is strong. Keep up the good work and keep us all apprised of your progress.

Today’s workout went pretty good. In spite of a lower back strain, I was able to do squats pain free! Albeit light, but pain free. Also did deadlifts without any pain (also light, 210).

I am feeling awesome this afternoon.

To anyone considering the V-Diet - just stick to it for one week and you will have a revolutionary change - you will feel awesome. Don’t alter it. Just do it as prescribed by Shugart.

I had my first solid meal today. Went for a small side salad with lots of sliced tomatoes and a few small fresh mozzarella balls. Then had some chicken wings and legs which I dipped in hot sauce and ate celery with them. Maybe a little bit high on the fat end, but oh well.

I feel good afterwards, but ironically am craving a chocolate protein shake for ‘desert’…

Good to hear you were able to resist the finger foods and stuck to the diet. Keep up the good work!

Well Day 7 is interesting for two reasons.

  1. I had my first ‘real meal’ yesterday and was worried that today I would have a strong urge to continue with real food. But its not there. In fact, I did wake up at 4:00AM ish craving a shake so I had one. The last thing I want is muscle catabolism.

  2. I have only lost 3 LBS of scale weight this week. At first I was disappointed, but the more I think about it I am OK with it, because I am even more confident that there has been no muscle loss. I need to find out where I can get my body fat accurately measured around here.

I am doing a cycle of Andro while on the V diet as well (had a bottle pre-ban that was never opened, so figured what the hell, and I have appropriate PCT standing by when the bottle is gone.) Not sure if it is degrated or not. Its Androplex 700 by AST. Now discontinued of course.

But I am thinking maybe the andro is helping me gain muscle faster than normal, thus the weight loss isn’t as accelerated? I’ve heard people say andro sucks - but back in the day I did a cycle and had noticable gains. Not sure if it was placebo or not.

But how could my 3LBS weight loss otherwise be explained? I am a prime candidate for the higher end loss since i have about 30 - 40 LBS of fat to lose, and I have been adhering to the diet perfectly.

Any comments there would be appreciated.

Well, I’m off for day 7 workout.

Only thing I can think of is to go off the andro for a week and see if you lose weight quicker. Of course, any drastic changes in scale weight could also be your body adjusting to the diet and not the andro. Either way, good work.

Morning of day 8 -

This morning when I step onto the scale(doctor’s office type) and much to my amazement I set the counterweight to 250 and the balance indicator barely starts to come up! I am no longer in the 250 club!

Today I am sub 250. And for the first time in, well, a long time I am able to step onto the scale with the 200 setting instead of the 250 setting.


Definate motivation for the coming week.

Total of 5+LBS weight loss between day 1 and morning of day 8. I’ll take it. And i’m quite confident its fat/water loss - not muscle.

The funny part of all of this is I’ve been putting 250 as the weight response to questionaires for a long time (i.e. driver’s license, pilots license etc. LOL, at least I’m no longer purgering myself.

Day 8 Workout Summary

Worked chest / tri’s today.

Dips 4 x 12 (@ 250 LBS!)
Incline Press 12/10/8/6
Decline Press 12/10/8/6

Skull crushers 12/10/8/6
Tricep pulldowns (vbar) drop sets to failure starting at 140 reduced bu approx 10% each drop

Tricep pulldowns (rope) drop sets to failure starting at about 110, reduced by 10% each drop.

15 mins. incline intervals on treadmill

good stuff man, keep it up.

Day 9 Workout

Hack squats 10/8/6/6
Squats 10/8/6/5/5
Deadlifts 10/8/5/5 (Went too heavy too fast, should have added a 35LB instead of plates)

Abs - weighted ab curls 20/20/20
Decline bench sit-ups w/35LB plate 20/20/drop plate go until failure
Hanging leg raises 20/20

Feeling the best today that I have since the start of the diet. Especially after the workout. I attribute this to my body aclimating to the diet and I am finally tuning in my post workout nutrition. My Surge order hasn’t arrived yet, but I substituted gatorade + protein shake. (Don’t laugh at my gatorade, prior to today I wasn’t getting any carbs post workout).

Things that pissed me off today:

  • The idiot who took up the ONLY squat rack in the gym to do upright rows (with like 80LBS). I would patiently wait for someone doing squats with the bar only, and BAD form- but this was just ignorance to me.

  • The other idiot who just HAD to vacuum around me when I was doing my heavy squat set. Thanks asshole.

Whew - maybe we should have a discussion about V-Diet rage instead of all the talk about roids rage. LOL.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled T-Levels.

Day 10 Workout

BB Bicep curls 12/10/8
Cable bicep curls drop sets starting at 140 (x’s 4)

Upright rows 10/10/10
bent over rows 10/10/10
Y-Row machine 10/10/10

Dips 14/12

Definately feeling the effects of improved PWO nutrition. Feeling well overall. Essentially no overwhelming temtation to cheat on the diet. Any cravings are quickly subsided with a shake or ice cold water.

18 days to go.

Day 11


Flat bench 10/8/6
Incline bench 10/8/6
BB Flys 10/10/10
Cable crossovers 10/10/10

One arm tricep pull downs drop sets
Y Bar tricep pull down drop sets
Rope tricep pull down drop sets

Weighted ab curl machine thing 30/30
Hip extensions w/ 35 LB plate held to chest
Seated leg raises

I just have to say this is a good log…good job here. I found week two to ease day by day…

[quote]Danny John wrote:
I just have to say this is a good log…good job here. I found week two to ease day by day…[/quote]

Thanks Dan - I have to admit seeing your results on the V-diet definately were the final motivating factor for me to start.

Yes, at ‘hump’ day on week two here it is definately becoming part of life. I have a lot more time on my hands not having to ‘seeking out’ food.

Although - it can be a hinderance since almost everything people want to do in business involves food or drink. So I am probably going to go on the 1 meal per day plan after my 28th day.

But there’s no way in heck I’m giving up the strict plan until after day 28.

I figure the 1 meal per day plan will make for a good transition as well.

Day 12

Due to a little poor planning on my part and some un-anticipated hurdles thrown at me at work I was forced to go ‘shakeless’ after my morning shake. This wasn’t fun. I drank all of the water I could - and all I kept thinking about was muscle catabolism and metabolism shutdown.

Finally at 3:00ish I pulled the trigger and stopped at a store to review the available meal replacement bars. I struggled with the decision between something with the BS ‘Only 2g impact carbs!’ and beef jerkey. I opted for the lowest carb beef jerkey I could find.

I’m thinking I probably should have ‘pulled the trigger’ earlier and not waited so long to feed my body. But what’s done is done. And I’ll write it off as a half-day fast.

Today’s events will also push my normal lunch time workout back to the early evening - but nonetheless it will get done.

Last night I took a good look in the mirror and was happy with what I saw. Abdomin is starting to show some definition, particularly the upper portion. Chest and shoulders are looking more defined and muscular.

For most of us, there is going to be a day or two like that in the 28 Day Vel Diet. Really, I almost can’t imagine something not coming up. I think that for people coming into the diet now should read these diaries and take the proactive ideas…like having all the shakes “made” before hand (the plastic sack idea with the mixes of protein and flax) and realize how life is going to mess with this plan.

So, I think you did fine here…at least you made a choice…

I decided to have my solid meal the evening of day 12. Maybe due to the extended starvation I endured. I enjoyed a small salad with a lot of tomatoes and some fresh moz. balls, followed by a thick juicy NY Strip grilled to medium rare perfection. :-)Substituted the potato for extra asparagus.

Day 13 workout:

Squats 10/8/7/7
Front squats 10/8/7/7
Deadlifts 10/8/7/6/4


Day 15 -

Still going strong. Back from consulting assignment in NJ. Looking forward to some time off. Trip home was tough due to 3 hour flight delay at connection and 1 1/2 hour drive afterwards.

Definately will make finishing the diet off much easier. I can now do everything on my own schedule.

Plan to intensify workouts and do 2 x’s per day split. Started the day today with some circuit training. Too much sitting ALL day yesterday.

Passed the half way mark in the diet without much remark.

[quote]IFR Pilot wrote:
Day 15 -

Still going strong. Back from consulting assignment in NJ. Looking forward to some time off. Trip home was tough due to 3 hour flight delay at connection and 1 1/2 hour drive afterwards.

Definately will make finishing the diet off much easier. I can now do everything on my own schedule.

Plan to intensify workouts and do 2 x’s per day split. Started the day today with some circuit training. Too much sitting ALL day yesterday.

Passed the half way mark in the diet without much remark.


How much weight have you lost?