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Yet Another Test Taper Question


As I have just posted, I am just about to start a cycle of Test E at 250mg E3D and kickstarting with Dbol 40mg ED for 4 weeks. When I come off I plan on using the test taper. My original plan was to go 6 weeks at 100mg, then 80, 60, 40, 50, 30, 20 for the next 6 weeks. Intuitively I assume this is the best idea, but now I am hearing talk that, when running a relatively mild cycle such as this, the stasis period can be shortened by 2 to 4 weeks. Is this so?

Anyway unless I hear otherwise from a reliable source, I'm sticking with my original plan. But, if I can, I would love to decrease the time and amount of Test used by shortening the cycle a bit.


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To save test and to decrease the time I will be messing with it. Anyway I don't really want to decrease the amount of test, as I will explain below.

Thanks, Bushy. This is what I reasoned as well, I've just been second guessing myself because of a comment or two I read asking someone why they were running such a long taper on a relatively mild cycle. It got me wondering if I had missed something somewhere and it wasn't necessary to run it as long as I had been planning.


You are correct that cycles with lower doses can use shorter stasis periods with the taper protocol. Going off of Bushy's thoughts and what I just said, instead of extending the stasis period by two weeks, why not extend the cycle for 2 weeks and go with a 4 week stasis, or 3 and 3? I'd say the 2 and 4 would be a better option, 3 and 3 would likely be pushing it. What do you think Bushy?


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It seems stupid to have the same stasis period coming from say 2000mg/wk or 500mg/wk test. Given the half life of enanthate (or other long esters), it would take an additional two weeks or so with the higher dose. I agree that time is a factor, but dose certainly does play a role, along with the variety of compounds used.

Given that this is your first cycle I would suggest using the original test taper protocol with six weeks of stasis. While it may not make a difference for you (with this dose) to make changes to the taper, I think it would be beneficial to do it as is to ascertain the effects, so any future modifications can be compared to this "baseline" experience.


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Thanks Schwarz and Bushy, you guys' insight and input is the reason I ask my questions here as opposed to another forum. I believe I will carry out the test taper in the standard 6-week/6-week protocol.

Another question, will I be able to "feel" how well it is working? For example, say I do want to shorten the cycle next time, will I be able to tell at the 4-week or so mark this time that I am coming off pretty well and could shorten things up a bit? Again, I don't plan on doing it this time around, I am just curious about how to gauge my body's reaction.


Great question, I was wondering the same thing.


You will certainly notice the drop in dosing from your cycle dose to the 100mg/wk stasis dose. You would be going from on-cycle to "normal" levels, instead of on-cycle to below-normal levels. Beyond this initial drop, once you get used to that "normal" dose you won't notice much of anything, which is the whole point of the taper.

If you do shorten the stasis/taper length and do significantly notice the drop in dose, you probably did it too fast. The point of the test taper is to drop to normal and taper off so you actually are normal with no down time, while traditional PCT (cold turkey) would have you drop to below normal and then recover to actually being normal. Hopefully this helps.

BTW Bushy, I'm not sure what "I can't be arsed" means, but I hope you're feeling better.


So what would be the taper from a 10 week 500 mg/wk test e only cycle?