Yet another rugby question

Hi. Training for rugby confuses me, at least as far as loose forwards are concerned. The conflicting demands for the position (endurance, strength, power, agility, etc…) make it a nightmare to plan for.

Here’s my situation: I am very strong as far as the powerlifts are concerned, developing my Olifts (but relatively weak), and VERY, VERY weak as far as anaerobic& aerobic fitness are concerned. As the latter should clearly be my first priority, what kind of regimen should I set up to mix all these targets?

Thus far, I’ve been building up my endurance simply by running daily, adding time and/or speed to my runs…nothing fancy.

Hey Bangs,
This weeks “Real world” article addresses the Aerobic and Anaerobic question somewhat. The number of sessions are not listed, so you may want to play around with it. But I would say since you have more need for sub max efforts 1 max session per week and 2 “submax” sessions per week according to the article (85% - 100%/ I’d go with the 85% since already 100% effort) is the place to start and go from there.
You may have to adjust your volume as well. Also consider some other info in that article as well, using very quick eccentrics, and going Higher volume.