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Yet Another Question for John Berardi

I was told yesterday that the pastuerizing milk causes the calcium in the milk to gain electrons thereby rendering it useless. This made no sense to me. And if it did would it be a good thing since it would no longer be able to compete with magnesium and zinc for the same receptor site. Thanx.

Hi Goldberg. I’m not JBerardi but I hope you’ll forgive me for putting in my two cents’ worth anyway. As I understand it, calcium is not altered by pasteurization, otherwise osteoporosis would be an epidemic condition in the Western World, and not just a geriatric problem. Calcium digestion has other problems, in that the process requires some fat and the presence of an acid digestive medium in the stomach for the calcium to be properly absorbed by the gut. And, in my own opinion, you really wouldn’t want to interfere with calcium metabolism to make way for zinc or magnesium. Calcium deficiencies cause muscle cramps, tics, general nervousness and whole host of other problems.