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Yet Another Program Feedback Topic



Well, this is my first post so first of all I should give a big thumbs up for having an awesome and informative site. Keep up the good work

Yes, this is one of them "I'd like some feedback on my program" topics. I guess the regulars might just be rather tired of them, but still... Learning from successes/mistakes all on ones own may be awesome, but I suspect that having some feedback from experienced people may just be the better choice when it comes to health related stuff like this

Anyhow, here's some info:
Age: 26
Height: 185 cm (~6 feet) (Yeah, metric units where I live)
Weight: 77 Kg (~170 pounds)
An office job

The program itself should be attached as an image so here are some explanations:
Green days are strength training days and generic fitness exercises, yellow days are generic fitness exercises only. Next to the day it says what I think the main strength training focus is for that day. And Focus under the day is the focus of the exercises for the day, along with length. Basically I use them as a sort-of warm-up for the strength bit or for cardio/flexibility on the off days.

The rest should be pretty self explanatory - four sets for every exercise and the number of reps for each one. I have tried to include the proper descriptions for each exercise, but since English is my third language some may be weird/wrong (for example by side curls I meant the things that are available on some bench press benches on the sides - where you pull the weights on each side and they rotate)

The strength bit was added to generic fitness exercises about two months ago and there are some improvements already. The program you see here is the latest version, which would be the fourth one or so. As far as nutrition and supplements go I try to eat properly (no fast/fried food etc) and also take a gainer shake on the strength days and a protein shake each evening. Also fish oil capsules

So, that's about it - any suggestions are welcome. I have my doubts about the intensity of the exercises, as according to some there may be too many exercises and the basics (bench press/squats) might be enough. But since there's progress and no signs of overtraining it seems ok

Anyhow, looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers


I suggest you follow a premade routine from this site. After you've tried out a few, then you might try to design your own (balanced) routine.

Edit: Look into Big Boy Basics


Gotta agree.


Thanks for the suggestion, from a quick overview Big Boy Basics seems to have some good info, now to read it all...


BBB is a good choice compared to that routine you previously posted.

www.geocities.com/elitemadcow1 is another good link for training


With yet another program feedback topic you are going to get yet another of the exact same answer.

Stick to the basics. Beginners (beginner = < 3-5 years experience)should always stay basic, focus on basic compound lifts and exercises. And make sure you follow the most universal rule, Eat, sleep, work hard. This is all you, or any beginner, really needs.


Indeed. Changed the program, used what I could from the Big Boy article. Let's see what develops

Eating is actually proving to be interesting, since I decided to get rid of almost 30 pounds of excess fat a couple of years ago (managed to do it in ~6 months by limiting the calorie intake and exercising). A good thing from that is the knowledge that with persistence anything is possible and the experience of eating what you should instead of what you want and then actually wanting to eat what you should eat, heh