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Yet Another Newbie

Hello All,
I’m new to this site, introduced by one of my workout instructers. I’ll be to the point. Right now, I’m not in the best shape I could be in. However, I’m very determined to get where I want too be. I want to be well toned and sexy. I think anyone who wants to be thin can be, but its sexier to see a woman who has worked hard to have a great, toned, muscular body. I was looking into figure competing however, the more I research the less it looks like something I’d want to do. I could use some advice though, mind you I’m not wanting to be buffer than my neigber but I would like to have muscle definition and more importantly be healthy. Right now i’m currently at 136, and 5’ even. I’ve got a ways to go but hopefully will do well! Any advice is welcome!

Rose -

First off, welcome. You’ve come to the right place, there are some very knowledgeable people here.

I’m no expert, so I’m not going to presume to give you specific advice, but I’d recommend a few things to get you started here:

  1. read the articles here and at musclewithattitude.com (women specific)
  2. post about what you’re currently doing, as far as nutrition, workouts, etc.
  3. from what I’ve seen, as far as the women on this site, TampaTerry is the woman on nutrition, Jen Heath and Olesya Novik are amazingly experienced and helpful with workouts and nutrition.
  4. if you feel comfortable, post a couple pics to let us see where you’re at, either here or in the women’s forum.
  5. keep asking questions
  6. read some more

Good luck!

  1. Click on MWA in the banner above. From what I have seen the women on the sister site are incredibly patient and helpful and will go over every detail as many times as needed. Not that you won’t get good advice here.

  2. Don’t worry about getting bulky. If there was one thing I wish I could forever abolish from weightlifting (other than preppy fratboys who will break their neck and rearrange a whole gym just to be right up in the mirror to watch their 30th set of a variation of the bicep curl) it would be all this talk of women getting HYOOOOGGEEE the moment the pick up a weight.

I know guys who have lifted for a while and look more womanly than most “cardio cows” up there reading people mag on the treadmill. Seriously, getting big is hard, and for a woman it is even harder, get that thought out your mind, and attack the weights hard and you will be pleased. Lord knows some of the fitness models move some damn impressive weight totals around and look amazing.