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Yet Another Newbie...

Hi guys - a brief bit of info on me before I start!:

I’m 28 - been training for about 6 years, mostly boxing, grappling and weights. I’m 6’ 1" and have been consistently 216lbs and about 16% bf for the last 3 years. I have over the last year upped my training to 5 - 6 days per week. I’m remarkably weak for my size and weight, I think mainly due to concentrating on sports and fitness rather than lifting, I’m currenlty benching a measily 275lb, dead lifting 440lb for 3 reps. I focus mainly on compound movements and active recovery. I’m also sticking to higher reps with super sets - eg. dead lifting 220lb for ten reps, 15 chin ups and 20 push-ups with 90 sec recovery. So my training is mainly tailored to enhance my sports and overall fitness / strength.

I’ve now realised my gap in outright strength against other competitors / training partners so I’m starting a tailered weight program to boost my strength whilst adding minimal weight and bulk. I’ve been considering adding some roids into the mix - having read the stickys on here, other forums, bloggs etc I’ve decided the following would be best for my goals.

6 weeks cycle
Anavar 60mg ED
Winstrol 50mg ED
Taper instead of PCT
Going to take creatine to boost Var gains

I know the above is not very potent - I only want to gain some strength and decrease recovery time to allow my to fit in the weight program with my other trianing.

So what do you guys think?