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Yet Another Nagging Shoulder...

Hello, everyone.  This is my first post, after managing to gain 40 lbs without any issues.  But of course that couldn't have lasted for too long... sigh.  
     Moving on to the issue, I've had problems with my right shoulder for some time now.  I injured my supraspinatus months ago doing strait leg deadlifts, after which point I took 3 months off from working out.  Comming back recently I made some decent gains, about 15 lbs, and then injured myself.  When I raise my shoulder girdle there is a several small popping sounds, caused by some sort of friction.  
    There's no pain, but when I touch my subscap there is tingling in my tricep, I have minor internal rotation on the right side, and apparent tightness originating from my subscap/pec minor.  Also, in what I think is my trap/suprapsinatus area there is a ridiculous knot... one a tried to roll out against my wall and put a whole in the wall... WTF!?  My doc said I shouldnt need an MRI and I'm going to an ortho and chiro this week.  I was hoping to get your input and possible suggestions/advice.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!