Yet Another M1T Question

I’ve still got some M1T laying around, about 30 or 40 some 10mg caps. What’s the best thing to do with them as I don’t want to throw away a partial cycle. I kind of want to use just one in the am while dieting, as I believe it has a short half life, 10-12 hours, and won’t suppress the shit out of me on such a regimen.

As for diet, I’ll likely do protein and fat fasting weekdays and carb up on weekends, a la the anabolic diet, as it’s how I tend to eat intuitively. When dieting I just use alot more concentrated protein sources and less greasy food meals.

Anyone have any other suggestions, perhaps something novel and creative I wouldn’t have thought of?

Well just for starters I’ve heard numeros times that within 48 hours m1t completely shuts you down.

Does that mean I could go EOD or every third day with 20mg or so and avoid suppression?