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Yet Another Girl Question


Okay, here's the story: I worked with this girl for a while, about a year and a half. We spent a lot of time talking about random stuff, books, tv, movies, nothing too deep. We seemed to get along well, her laughing at my jokes etc. Anyway, she quits the job so I make my move. I ask for her number and she instantly puts it in my phone. Then I ask if she wants to go out the following week and she says yes. So, the night before we were supposed to go out, she texts to cancel. I ask if she'd like to reschedule, no response. This has been week ago so I've already deleted her number, I was just wondering if anyone had any insight as to what the hell changed?


She and her ex got back together.



I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a boyfriend, I mean, she never mentioned any guy (or girl) the entire time I knew her. I'm mostly bothered by the fact that we knew other so long for her to agree to go out with me then ignore me.


She's just not that into you.

Find another and do things differently.

Many girls don't mention a boyfriend if they're not into you. Many girls don't mention a boyfriend if they ARE into you.


Also, why did you wait a week to do something with her?


It was her last day at work. I'm a supervisor so I didn't want to get accused of some bullshit. I waited until she was no longer an employee.




Maybe she was laughing your jokes because, at the time, you were her supe.

Game over, bro.

For whatever reason, she changed her mind. That's all you really need to know.

If there was the slightest interest on her part, she'd make an effort to reschedule or at least apologize. And the whore didn't even have the decency to do that.

For your sake, don't turn into some cry baby momma's boy over this. She's just not worth it.


She was kidnapped. Probably dead now.


This stuff happens, a girl i work with does this all the time.

Some customer comes in all the time, flirts with her, suggests things that they should do together. she gives out a lot of "maybe"s and "oh well im busy that day but text me". She gives these guys her phone number and then she stands around work saying "ok guys, omg but this guy keeps texting me but i don't want to talk to him?" Apparently she just ignores them until they go away. So this is pretty normal


Something you can learn from:

A man was shot with an arrow thickly smeared with poison. His friends wanted to get a doctor to heal him but the man objected by saying:

"I will neither allow this arrow to be pulled not accept any medical treatment until I know the name of the man who wounded me. Whether he was a nobleman, a solider, a merchant, a farmer or a lowly peasant. Whether he was tall or short or average height. Whether he used a long now or a crossbow and whether the arrow that wounded me was hoof-tipped, curved or barbed."

While his friends went off in a frantic search for these answers, the man slowly and painfully died.


Yeah when a girl goes MIA, I just assume she got rekt.


Who knows why she did it. If she would have liked you she would have rescheduled. Sorry dude.

Also, if a situation like that ever happens again, don't ask her right then if she wants to reschedule. She cancelled on you so she should be the one talking about doing it another night.


She flaked. Girls do that.


That was pretty good.


In that case, keep texting a bit so you don't look like a suspect.

I could argue to the jury -- "why did he stop texting!@#? Because he knew she was BURIED IN HIS BACKYARD!"


Damn, I got rid of her number, guess I better call my lawyer. Thanks for the responses. The reason I put this here is because I'm just surprised she would flake after knowing each other so long. I thought I screwed up and hate making the same mistake twice.


Na man, she just wasn't that into you. It happens. Well, not to me, but I've been told it happens to other less handsome and charismatic people.


If you knew her for such a long time and didn't make a move, she had already put you in the "will not fuck" category in her little brain. Once you are in THAT box, it's hard to get out. You didn't do anything "wrong", the only mistake "attraction-wise" was waiting so long to express interest - but you kinda had to do that because of the job dynamic. No harm, no foul there - I don't see any obvious mistakes.


Never date a chick you work with. Disaster avoided, be thankful. edit..."worked with". Sorry dude, comprehension fail.