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Yet another FFSG?

Just wondering if there’s anyone else doing the FF right now. It seems like others have gotten some help from a SG in the past, and I could definitely use some support for the coming weeks. Anyone?

What’s an SG?

Fat Fast Support Group. Isn’t anyone doing fat fast right now?

Alright, well it’s looks like I’m on my own for now. It’s day two, and I’m feeling much better. I had been on a higher (slightly above maintenance) calorie keto diet for about a week before I started the FF, hoping it would help the transition, and it probably did. However, the drop in calories was still a major shock to my system. But again, I woke up feeling much better than I did last night, and the scale is down a bit (I already lost a lot of water last week when I dropped the carbs, so I’m hoping what I see from this point forward will be fat). FYI, I’m following the plan almost to the T, only I’m adding a bit more fiber than Brock did, in the form of plain ol’ psyllium husks. mmmm. Flax and a mixed protein shake, 4 x’s a day. I’m using Androsol and T2, and I’ll throw in MD6 when the cravings start to strike.

Congrats on starting the FF and keep it up. I did it end of last year (Oct - Dec) and dropped something from 113 kg to 105kg, currently at 107kg after cycling back on carbs and going through the Christmas/New Year period.
You certainly get used to the Keto type diet, although I did subsitiute solid meals twice a day as opposed to the shakes for 6 meals…
Best of luck and keep us updated.