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Yet another endorsement for 4 AD(as if it needs it)/ My progress.

Well, I got a good shot of motivation today. A couple days ago I finished my 28 day fat fast and today I went to get my BF % tested. Before the fat fast I was 17.5 % at 190. I consumed 1400 calories and used 4 AD EC and T2 pro. No at the end of 29 days I am 10.3 % at 183. For those of us that are mathematically challenged(me included) I figured out what this meant for me. It means that while i lost 7.2 % body fat I also gained 7.4 pounds of muscle. To me this is amazing that I could build muscle at 1400 calories a day while also losing considerable BF %. It is a true testament to 4 AD EC. Oh yah and my hard work too :wink: I can;t wait to try MAg 10 for a bulking cycle. Oh yah my training during this month was three weeks 5X5 and 1 week 1-6 poliquin style.
What do yah think?? Hopefully I can get some after pictures up in the forum if I can get through the holidays and living at home again without gaining much back.
:slight_smile: Groove

Great job, Groove! It’s obvious that you’ve really worked hard to “get in the know” in terms of diet, training, and supplementation in your time here at T-Mag. You deserve all the success for which you’ve worked so hard. Keep up the great work!

Damn groove, that is awesome. Good job with sticking with the diet and working out hard. How did your energy feel while on this. From your pics it looks like you are in college. I’m in college to and concerned about energy levels, how were yours?

Groove, that’s excellent! Damn good work, brother, seriously. I think you should have no problem saying no to holiday goodies; after a 28 day Fat Fast, it’s pretty obvious you’d got an iron-shod will. Keep it up.

Goddamn dude, that’s awesome. Nice job!

great job groove! I hope to join you in the 10% club! Your research and continued effort for health realted knowledge has served you well! Keep up the good work, and good luck over the holidays.

Dedication is what you got. You are miles ahead of everybody else already. Great job bro

That freakin’ rocks, Groove! What did you eat/drink on the Fast? I’m starting a Fat Fast in two weeks and was curious if you only drank protein shakes and flax seed oil or if you had any solid food. Thanks and congratulations again!

Thanks for the support guys. In all honesty my body adapted pretty well to the fast. My energy was fine although workouts lagged a little compared to usual, as was expected.
Brian, I did a solid food fat fast as was recommended by a couple people on the forum. I basically ate chicken, beef and salmon. Usually 6 eggs a day and some salmon oil. Ocasionally when I thought I was gonna go crazy I would have a TBSP of Peanut butter. I am obsessed with peanut butter so it was my treat. On my carb up days I would have oatmeal or whole grain rice, cottage cheese, or some whole wheat pasta. Once I had a whole pizza and didn;t see any adverse affects from it. I carbed up on wednesday and sunday, although after my fast i think I would have had better results with a carb up every 5th or 6th day. Oh well live and learn. Right know I am transitioning to a bit higher calorie diet around 2200 cals, with a bit more carbs. I would like to get near 7 or 8 % before entering a bulking cycle. Good luck with your fast!!
:slight_smile: Groove

Fucking fantastic results. Fucking congratulations, homie!

One word AWESOME. Post the Pic’s man, I need the inspiration. Great Job.

Think about it, Gentlemen. 7.2% BF drop with concurrent 7.4lb LBM increase, within 29 days. Amazing! (Makes me stoked, too, 'cause I’m doing the same diet in January. Woot!)

You have to remember that groove came into this diet/cycle without a whole lot of training experience (correct me if I’m wrong groove). I do think that 4-AD-EC is a great product, but his results are atypical IMO.

groove: When are you going to update your pictures? While just about everyone here hates before & after pictures, I think everyone would like to see some, given that you’re not some sleazy marketing attempt by Biotest (joking obviously). =)

Good f’in work man!

Well, I am still carrying some fat around my lower abs and love handles so the new pics might not look that impressive but I would like to post them anyways. I have a professional photographer friend back home so I am gonna try to get him to take some good after pics. I am going home on the 18th and I will be back on jan 6th when I would be able to scan the pics and post em so it will be a little while.
D Rock, you are partially right about my training experience. I have been training since i was 16(20 now) but when I was training back then it was on and off, like most teenagers who donpt know shit will do. Then I trained consistently for a year but had to take about 6 months off. So I have been training seriously T-mag style withmy diet in order for about three months now. So yah I guess that can be considered fairly new and these could be considered newbie results, although i am still pleased.
:slight_smile: groove