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Yet Another Cycle That Needs Review


I’m planning what will be my 4th cycle. I ran NPP / Test Prop last time for about 10 weeks with moderate success. I gained about 6-7kg and had some significant strength increases towards the end. Why do I say moderate success? Well this was my first time running Nadralone and I ran it with Pramipole and Arimidex. As a result I suffered from really weird emotional states of resentment of nearly everything. These strange emotions started about 4-5 weeks in. I was a sobbing mess. I’ve had my levels checked at week 10 and my Estridol was elevated but not extreme, my T was about 1100 and HCT was near 50. To be truthful my motivation for NPP was purely to keep my joints feeling good and I may try a dose closer to 50mg per week versus the 100mg I ran before. My previous cycle looked like this NPP 50mg E3D, Test Prop 125mg E4D. Generally when I run Test over 300mg a week I tend to get some joint pain and tendon pain. A good example of this is my legs and forearms feel super full and as a result my joints start to bother me. I know that not supposed to be the case but, I can say with certainty when running NPP I feel amazing aside from the rollercoaster of emotions. From what I’ve read some folks wont cycle unless they use a baseline of Deca or NPP. On NPP I literally feels like I’m 15 years younger and it’s the only AS that didn’t make me physically feel shitty. For instance Anavar gives me horrendous cramping. I’m hoping to minamize some of the emotional turbulence by using Caber this time around instead of Pram. Is this a realistic expectation??? I also had some surgery in January so I was more or less inactive for 3 months after my last cycle and I atrophied to meer mortal status during this time. Also this time around I was planning to jump start with 3 weeks of Dbol, so I need to work out what my dose should. The primary goal is not really to grow or bulk but to leverage NPP for therapeutic purposes and allow Test to do it’s thing. I’m open for suggestions, please help.


I don’t see any mention of an AI> What AI are you running, and at what dose?


Running Arimidex .25 ed