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Yet Another Critique My DL Thread


That's a pretty heavy single for me(approx 95%) and my form broke down a little. Attempted another rep but my glute(which has been injured) started acting up so I bailed.

Anyway, what do I need to strengthen, o wise warriors of the PLing forum?


I think your form is going to break down a bit when you're above 90% and especially when you are above 95%. That said, if you're looking for something to work on, I'd say you might try improving your starting strength. It looks like you are slower off of the floor than most conventional deadlifters.


The first thing that I notice is your set-up. When you approach the bar your shins should be about a inch from it. When you bend down to take the bar only lower your hips until your shins hit the bar. Do not pull the bar backwards or roll it forward, once your shins hit thats low enough. This is going to ensure that the bar and your shoulders are paralell at the begining. Currently you are starting with the bar in front of your shoulders as you rise the bar moves backwards and goes behind your shoulders causing your butt to kick up. This is why you have a two stage movement. On the way up you pull, the bar comes backwards, your butt kicks up, you lift with your lower back, then you push through with your legs. When you look at your second attempt this movement is even more noticible.


I'm pretty sure every European puller stiff legs


Any glaring errors? Best pull so far is 661.

Edit: Glute is still iffy, as seen in the lockout of the third rep.


I totally agree with the statement above. When you go balls to the wall your form will break down. You diagnose the problem, work on the problem, raise the bar again. Anyway, I'm going to repeat my mantra of deadlift from a deficit. If you look at any of my deadlift videos on youtube you'll see I'm always explosive from the floor but my lockout is weak when I've maxed out. Start with speed pulls from a box to get your starting strength to match your strong finish.