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Yet Another Carb Cycle Question

I’ve mucked through several hours of AD threads and carb cycle threads, but I’m not seeing this question answered anywhere so I’ll just ask it. Any info/direction would be much appreciated.

Regarding the negative health effects of carbs + fats (particularly sat. fats):

Is the ingestion of relative large amounts of saturated fats ONLY advisable when following a ketogenic diet? In other words, could one include high saturated fat meals (for the hormonal benefits) into a carb cycle based diet? And if so, is it advisable to cycle amongst high carb/low fat and low carb/high fat DAYS, vs. meals? Is one creating an environment for potential health problems if you are eating high carb/low fat meals and high fat (saturated fats)/low carb meals in the same day? How does your body metabolize these meals and is a few hours between such meal cycles enough? If it takes several hours for your body to digest a meal, doesn’t it stand to reason that you are just eating essentially one big meal with high fat, high carb and high protein, if you were to cycle meals as mentioned above?

I ask this because through my own diet manipulation, I’ve found I’ve done well with low/carb, high fat diets. But as mentioned several times in several different articles, it doesn’t work well for mass gain, which I’d like to focus more on. My perception of the high fat diet is that it did indeed create a favorable hormonal environment, but the exclusion of sufficient carbs did make it tough to gain.
That said, I’d like to continue to have the high fat/protein (meals or days?) in my diet regimen, but would also like to protect myself from the adverse health effects that may accompany a diet with high fat and moderate amounts of carbs.

Thanks! Any input is much appreciated.

Anybody? Or is this just a dumbshit question…

I think it’s one thing to celebrate the benefits of saturated fat and quite another to make it the focus of your diet. You’re still looking for a balance of poly, mono and saturated, from good sources. A sausage is not the same thing as an egg. At least this has been my experience.

Replace some of your fat with carbs and put those carbs in a post-workout meal. See what happens. If you’re really concerned about your health, get blood work done.

There’s a genetic component that dictates how well each and every person is affected by sat. fat.

I personally have eaten well over 150g (up to 300g) of Saturated fat for weeks/months, without seeing adverse health affects.

In terms of cholesterol, going from a mixed lipid, carb, pro diet, with minimal Sat fat to the AD with sat fat at levels stated above, my total cholesterol dropped 6 points, that ratio between LDL and HDL staying even (and my total was 111).

In terms of bulking while using lower CHO, I have found this easy and effective. I find that while cycling CHO, if all is going well, I do best at a 33/33/33 diet, or perhaps a bit less pro, being that my kcal reqs for bulking are around 6,600. I still keep a fair amount of sat fat, but seem to do better when keeping it lower and mixing up the fats, in terms of fat gain.

When lower CHO, I find sat fat gives me much more energy than either mufas or pufas.