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Yet Another Benefit of Fish Oil

Here is a rather unexpected but nice benefit of using fish oil.

I am very oral hygienic…ie brush many times a day, use listerine and floss just about every day. No matter how much I looked after my teeth I always had red, inflammed gums. They would sometimes bleed when I flossed or brushed a little too hard. My hygienist always suggested that I was too aggresive on the toothbrush because every time I get my teeth cleaned of course my gums would be bleeding.

That was then, I just had my regular cleaning appt last week and the only thing I have changed is the additon of fish oil in my diet. My hygienist was amazed that there was no more redness or inflammation in my gums and no bleeding during the cleaning.

So now .I am absolutely convinced that fish oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties…right down to my gums.