Yet Another Beginner Blog

Right, here's what I've got so far.

My goal is to lose fat and try not to lose any muscle that I’ve got.

My current diet that I’ve built up after looking at this site. If you’ve got any input, I’m all ears.

Meal 1)
Oatmeal with skimmed milk.

Meal 2)
2 eggs
mixed veggies thrown in as well

Meal 3)
Mixed fruit smoothie. (frozen fruits, water and some crappy whey protein shit a house mate is trying to get rid of)

Meal 4)
Fillet of chicken
sometimes an apple

Meal 5)
some cottage cheese with some chili sauce bopped in there for good measure.

That’s pretty much it. Sometimes I’ll have a handful of almonds if I’m feeling hungry between meals.

So, is this balanced enough? Would you argue I need more grub?

What are your calorie needs and how many does your diet add up too. How much do have to lose? You can’t tell by what you have because the portions may be any size.

Use this calculator to determine your needs:

Plug your diet in here:
It will also break down your diet into protein, carbs and fat.

One thing I notice is a lack of Omega 3. Eat fish or take fish oil.

We’ll all assume that you’re not JUST dieting. What program are you following and daily cardio? Diet and cardio are going to be your biggest allies. Eating the right amount of food to keep your metabolism kicking, losing a little fat, and biking/running the rest away.

Cheers for the replies.

I’ll be sure to give some more info, such as my weight lifting and HIIT, when I get back from Uni today. That FitDay web site’s pretty good!

This is the workout program I’ve decided to go with.

As for HIIT I’m doing that 3 times a week.

I’ll keep a log of what I’ve eaten today and post it tomorrow, with actual measurements and not just ‘a bit of this’.

As for amount of blubber I’m looking to lose, I’m not 100%. Just want to lose my gut and be able to kick arse on a Saturday playing football (soccer).

Would a picture help you help me?

Well, today went thusly…


2)2 Eggs

  1. 100g of frozen fruit blended to shit with a scoop of that protein powder I mentioned earlier

  2. Chicken breast with salad

  3. about 100g of cottage cheese

If that’s all you ate for the day, then you will never lose weight. You might even just gain. That’s not enough calories to feed your body. My 5 year old eats more. That’s not a knock, but the truth.

Loud and clear.

I’ve been using that site that Stu posted and so I’m aiming for a diet of about 1800. Would you say that’s enough so as not to be starving myself, and yet little enough to cause a deficit that’ll get me losing fat?

I’ll be posting my new diet sometime this weekend as I’m going to the girlfriend’s, so won’t really have much time to think about my new diet.


Rich, what number did you plug into the calculator? 1800 seems low. What you have listed looks good for breakfast (just joking, it could take you to lunch).

Don’t think of a diet as a short term thing. Think of it as a life long eating habit. Chose a menu you can live with for the long term.

You’re right there Stu. That calculator that you linked to says I should be getting about 2100 to stay the same.

So I figured that by knocking that down to 1800 it’d achieve fat loss.

Would that be the right way to go about it or would you say that’s not enough cals to keep me going?

Was that your BMR or your daily calorie needs? What activity level did you enter into the Harris Benedict Formula? Even if you were sedentary your calories should be higher than 2100.

You need to be in a positive calorie balance at least 2 day/week. You can be up to 20% below calorie needs the rest of the time. Otherwise you will compromise your metabolism. I recommend you be at maintenance level for 1 week in order to stabilize your metabolism.


Is it normal to feel like 2100 is a lot of stuff to eat?

It’s weird, I’m eating healthy and actually monitoring what’s passing my lips, but it feels like I’m eating more than when I’d just munch away like a brainless mug.

Anywho, think I’m getting to like this healthy living stuff. I feel full of energy, I sleep much better and I like I’m going to run rings round everyone this Saturday at footy (soccer) practice. It’s all good to be honest.

That’s all normal. You’re doing great.

Well, my diet’s hit a slight snag.


Such a bummer. But, I shall fight this! I’m going to have to buy cheap, lame, ‘smart price’ meat. No Scottish salmon for a while and definitely no caviar.

On a positive note though, I’ve managed to acquire a bunch of weights and gear off of a friend. A quitter. My aim is to show him that he’s just given away equipment that could have given him the body he wanted. Sucker.

I’m planning on sticking to the basics with me lifts (obviously). So I’m right in thinking;

Bench Presses
Military Presses

That little list sound about right? Hell, I’ll use the search function… that’s what it’s there for!

Anyway. That’s all of my musings for one day. To whoever reads or responds, cheers. To whoever doesn’t read or doesn’t care. I never needed your help anyway.

On a side note, it’s easy to see how people get out of shape and still feel that they ‘don’t eat that much’.

A Snicker bar. It’s small. Weighs approx. 64 grams. Has nuts in it. It also has 323 calories!

Now, I used to snack on these things, thinking ‘it’s only a little chocolate bar. What’s the big deal? It’s hardly going to ruin my diet’.

Other hand. 200g of chicken. Filling. REALLY filling. Good for you, loads of protein. 342 cals.

I just find that scary. How the fuck do they manage to cram zero nutrition and 323 cals into 64 gram chocolate bar? It’s mental!

[quote]Rich_T wrote:

I just find that scary. How the fuck do they manage to cram zero nutrition and 323 cals into 64 gram chocolate bar? It’s mental![/quote]

What I find amazing is those 100 cal packs of cookies. Absolutely no redeming value but they’re small so people eat several a day thinking that they’re healthy. Or that high caffiene pop that they advertise as a “natural health drink”. Marketing at its finest.

Busy busy busy.

I feel like every thing’s going well with the ol’ diet and working out and what not.

Went to a party last night, had a few drinks. I didn’t feel that guilty about it, as it was only 3 pints. But now I’m thinking, ‘should I feel guilty?’

Is 3 pints once a week going to ruin my get fit regime? More than that, do I really need to drink just because everyone else is?

This I need to think about…


Take that AC Milan! Woooh!

Anyway. I’m feeling great. I played some six a side footy today, followed by some dodgeball. That’s one hell of a game!

Anyway. Today I had a bit of a bad food day, in that I don’t think I ate enough. Whoops.

1- Porridge with Raspberries
2- Scrambled egg
3- Mixed nuts and raisins
4- Beef with a red pepper and a red onion
5- Chicken with a green leaf salad
6- Greek yogurt with summer fruits

I’ll probably have some Cottage Cheese as well actually. Actually, that’s prob enough grub, what am I worrying about?

Weights and shit tomorrow. I’ll post up what I do. Maybe you could have a look? Up to you.

haha what on earth is greek yogurt? im greek and i dont know

lol its probably just yogurt there

I brought some the other day, its just natural yogurt, but seems to have a fairly high amount of fat content(20g per 100g server), mainly saturated which is probably from the whole milk. Taste ok though.