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Yet Another ANAVAR-Only Thread!


Hi T-Nation,

So going to have to start another Anavar only thread, because need some info.
Have a photo shoot coming up in 5 weeks.
Was told specifically that I need to be looking as good as I possibly can for this shoot.
I am looking good right now, at around 9% bf, weighing in at 185lbs. 6'1. I need to be looking great though.

A friend of mine suggested taking 50 mg Anavar for the next 6 weeks, as it's mild, and can really help lean me out, and get me more vascular.

I have spent the last 2 days researching this online. As with anything, I am getting conflicting info.

I have never taken steroids in my life, but this shoot is EXTREMELY important to me as it will be seen by many people and I want to look great. (even though I'm sure they'll retouch it afterwards, lol). But still...

If it can help a bit, fantastic. But not willing to sacrifice my health for it.

I appreciate everyone's time, thank you


I also know I will get a lot of shit on here, telling me not to be stupid and do proper research.

Couldn't agree more, but I am in a bit of a rush so I am going to have to somewhat rely on whatever info I can find in the next few days online. Like I said, never taken steroids so don't really know much about them.

Here are some training and nutrition stats, if it makes a difference:

Bench 320
Deadlift 455
Squat 375
Military Press not sure, It's been a while.

As for eating
Training days:
Pro: 300 - 350 grams
Carbs: 300 grams
Fats: 120 grams

Non Training days same as training days, except:
Carbs: 100 - 150 grams


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Do you have a question?


Is it safe/effective?


Should've been titled "Yet another dumbass thread where OP doesn't know anything, wants everyone to spoon feed him, is already aware he's going to be ridiculed, and then bitches about being ridiculed even though he could've avoided the entire thing in the first place if he wasn't just a lazy fuck" instead.

Yeah, that sounds about right. WELCOME ABOARD OP, you'll fit in just fine here.


Yes, anavar is probably the best oral drug for your purpose. You should run PCT afterwards if you are going to use it for 6 weeks.


LOL, feel better that you got that out bud?

Truth is, yes, I am looking to be spoon fed answers. As mentioned in my original post, I know nothing about steroids and don't really have the time to do proper research, and need to make a decision in the next day or 2. Also like I previously mentioned, through the little research I have done, I'm getting conflicting info. I don't want to jeopardize my health,

Not looking to "fit in fine here". I doubt I'll even ever post much. I have an extremely important shoot coming up that I'm being paid a lot of money for. I need to look as good as possible. I was given advice from someone, I came here looking for a "2nd opinion".


Thank you man. So something like Clomid?
I was told this isn't 100% necessary, especially with the low/moderate dosage I will be taking but I would rather be safe than sorry.


I agree with adding Winny. If your already lean Winny will dry you out even more and the veins will pop...


a moderate dose of any SERM for 3 weeks or so should be enough.


Thanks for all the help everyone. It's appreciated


What about taking anavar if your sitting around 22% b/fat? Will it help me loose b/fat in conjunction w/ clean diet and lot's of cardio/lifting? Or should I wait to take when I get leaner??


BONEZ, I'm surprised you wouldn't be against an Anavar only cycle. Anyhow, besides PCT, would you also recommend an AI while on?


It seems to me that 50 mgs a week is a little bit high for a girl, i would stick to around 5 mgs a day. What magazine is the photo shoot for? TeenGirl or Seventeen? I hope your photoshoot goes well sweetheart, maybe afterwards we could go grab some food?


Why would I be against it, in this situation??

Why would anyone use an AI in a var cycle? Have you read the stickies? Do you know what an AI does?


Who are you talking to lol? The OP is not a girl I dont think.


It seems the more common recommendation is a test based cycle. However this situation is different.

I am fairly new and I did read the "SERM and AI Sticky". As far as I understand an AI is to control estrogen during a cycle. Maybe estrogen isn't a worry with var?


Anavar doesn't aromatise.


Bonez... I think Superjacked funny ass comment flew right over the top of ur head. Hate to bump this thread just to make note of that, but I found it to be pretty amusing, even more so due to the fact that you didnt get it. Just goes to show that if you randomly start reading threads, you might find some good material.