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Yes or No to Loading Phase with Creatine?


Just wondering what your guy's thoughts are on this. I'm starting up on creatine right now and not really sure if I should load or not.


Why not? It's cheap as hell.


yeah he has a point ^^



theres been plenty of studies and expert opinions that state loading has no specific effect.. at least a beneficial one


I wouldn't bother loading, it can cause short term stomach trouble.


The opposite also holds true...


as long as the creatine is micronized stomach trouble wont be an issue.

as far as the loading phase goes, loading (20g for 5 days) will saturate the muscles faster than not loading.

But, after a couple months the results will be the same if you choose not to load. Basically, loading just gets the muscles creatine saturated quicker.

so, load.


OK so if I'm going to load, I have 1.5 gram capsules, when should I be taking these throughout the day??


If you have 1.5g caps, and want to get 20g a day you'd need about 14 caps a day. I say to either cut that into 3 doses or take them evenly throughout the day; while DRINKING PLENTY OF WATER.

by "plenty" i don't mean, 1 cup. I mean like a Gallon a day.

like for sure!


X2 whenever I used creatine back in the day, I loaded and didn't drink much water other than the occasional stop at the water fountain. I thought I was dying of dehydration..its not fun.