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Yes, New to T-Nation !


Greetings to this great community, filled with enlightening articles, experts and experienced members. I heard about this forum in searching and learning about weight-lifting and dieting, pretty much what I still doing and constant gaining ground. A little background for me: I begun training at 2009 slow incorporating squats and deadlifts in the training program while started eating meat (I was vegetarian my whole life and vegan for one year before I started eating meat). I was around 170 pounds (bf > 20%) and now 190 with bf around 15-17%.

I recently added a 1.000 calorie surplus in my non-training days to experiment in weight gain as it is told in Massive Eating pt. 1. In general try to keep the calorie intake steady and clean at 3300-3500 training days and 4000-4300 in non. 2xbw (in kg) the protein grams that consist 33% of my calories, 22% healthy fats and 45% carbs. 1st note here: I cannot keep clean the 4000-4300 cals and I think is too much to gain 2 to 3lbs/week.

I've found plenty great tips before I post. My humble lifts (converted and rounded down from kg) are: Bench 2x3@230, Squat 3X4@281 and recently Deads (conventional) 3x2@352. I make my own programs based on patterns of different rep ranges, volume and frequency rotating between intensity mesocycles, quantity mesocycles, deloading microcycles etc. while keeping the basic rules of selecting exercises. I currently am in intense mesocycle (3times/week Back-Chest-Legs) 7th week. I attach my program here in 4 images. It is a little bit messy with the names of exercises, ask me if anything does not make sense (and generally about the stuff I write, English is not my first language...)

My diet (approximately) on a training day is:
9000: 4egg whites + 1whole, 100gr Oat, 1scoop.
1200: ~135gr Chicken Breast, 70gr Basmati Rice, 40gr Oat
1500: Meal at university club, varies between veal, pork, chicken + salad and other.
1700: Training
1800: 2scoops, 2bananas
1900: 5egg whites, 130gr Basmati Rice
2200: Cottage cheese +1scoop, 35gr Almonds.
I�¢??m hoping to give you a good -image- of my level so that you can suggest me ways - by your experience when you were in the same level - that you did and moved on or regret that you did and I have to avoid or if you turn back in time you would do etc.Thank you for your patience.
Program planning and dieting demands a vast area of knowledge and this is the main reason I signed in T-Nation. I hope to get more in depth while I peruse T-Nation's body-cultural article library and reading your feedback.


The second image of my program.




And finally forth.


Ever considered using the K.I.S.S principle in your training?


I find it pretty simple. And as someone said "everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler".


I didnt check your program out for any advanced program design stuff, but it looks like you are sticking to big weights on the big lifts which is always good. Just make sure your numbers are going up every week (or that you are trying your hardest to make it the case)

Stick with it, and in a few years you'll be blowing your numbers from right now away.


Periodization in training is widely used since the beginning of sports history. I find it very efficient approach.
You can say that in the brackets 1000 times more! Most of us I wanna believe that make the time in the gym flow under a bar with heavy weights, technique, effectual rest. Organization (consecutively ano over time)is the main thing that gets our motives further to our target.


OCD much? but looks impressive!


Obsessed about having a stronger physique, lift heavier, live healthier etc..? hmmmm, I would not say no. Ok, forget the big names Krahn, Wendler, Waterbury, Poliquin etc and any of the 99% serious strength trainers, they're too smart and ahead of us. Try yourself to explain and visualise the HUMAN BODY as the system it is. You've already imagined the output that you're waiting from it. Eat BIG and train HARD will get you there huh? Where? In a f.. plateau. Wanna go past beyond it? Welcome to periodization training.


FYI you're coming off as an asshole


My apologies. I was just expecting a more constitutive, comprehensive critique. I lack many things, one of them is elegance in my argumentation.


You want us to go through your 4 week "meso-cycle" with a fined tooth comb, or what? You have a bunch of good lifts in there and they arent laid out like a 3 year old wrote it... I doubt anyone except for the most gracious people on the planet are going to go through that and explain you are working too much spinal erectors on Monday, and you are missing Rhomboid work on Wed of week 3.

Honestly to go through that program for advanced stuff (muscle overlap, frequency, movement patterns, etc...) would probably take an hour. And anyone with the knowledge to do so is probably not going to do it for free.