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Yes, I am now a COMPLETE psycho...


Guess what I just got in the mail!! ::grin::


And a few weeks ago, I also bought FitDay PC…

Like I said, COMPLETE psycho…



I went to office max and bought a small office letter scale for $25.00

I have bought some kettleballs, the x-vest, a scale, cooler, glucose testing kit, and 1 gallon watter cooler jug to carry around instead of a milk jug. So you’re not alone!

What’s your MAX BENCH?

I would only buy one of those if I sold drugs.

Who says he doesn’t?

Hell yeah!! Knew my fellow T-(Psychos) would understand! hehe

What Goldberg?? You think you’re more psycho than this!! Yeah, that’s right, let’s hear it!

To all the other responses below that:

roflflfmao!!! hahahha

I just bought an Eleiko bar and I don’t have the room to use it!

Plus I have bought just about every back issue of MILO in the last 2 years.

Rob Gray

Do you have trouble balancing on that thing to weigh yourself?


Goldberg’s saying you’re wasting your time and money on shit that doesn’t matter.

I bough ta real nice scale, problem is that it only measures in grams not .01 grams or even .1 grams which i think is really necessary if you want to cap your own stuff. Other wise for food you are fine.