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Yes, Eggs. But Wait!


They're actually starting to use common sense.



I never thought id live to see the day...

I wonder what they think about eating 12 whole eggs a day?


eggs are great!


Hell yes. If I weren't dieting, I'd eat 12 eggs every day rather than my (too few) 6 per morning.


I was thinking the same thing....

I bet if I told my family physician that I eat 12-15 eggs a day he'd shit a brick.



Do I dare move up from the half-egg per day I was fearfully trying, to one entire egg per day?


Lol... one egg a day...

I'm on 6 a day myself, but I think ima move to buying the liquid egg white to reduce the total calories in my diet, maybe keep 1-2 whole eggs a day at least, right?


Yes, most of the nutrition is in the yolk.


My friend had this fear of eggs before, she would limit her egg consumption to only 2 a week and she was very strict about it, but what I don't get is that she ate a lot of pastries, breads, pastas and sauces that contain a lot of...you guessed it, eggs! Another funny thing about her was that, eventhough she really limits her egg and shrimp intake (something to do with cholesterol), she would gladly eat chocolates and crisps without any hesitation.


No i'd stick to hamburgers with double cheese.


Your friend is dumb. But it's ok, I have dumb friends too


Eggs are just baby chickens... so why the fuck wouldn't you wanna eat them?


I could have sworn almost half of the protein in an egg was in the yolk.


Yeah, the yolk has protein too. The article author was dumb, the egg white is almost exclusively protein.

I'm trying to figure out how to eat ONLY one egg. I'd have to wait four days just to get a decent serving size.


I don't know where you get your eggs but I'd switch to the ones without the chicken fetus if I were you.


yeah, but most of the protein is in the white.

I eat 3 eggs and 4 egg whites (or the equivalent since its in a package) every morning. I make them seperately though, so it basically is 4 like fluff and 3 delicious eggs.


That's the good stuff. It's a little crispy, and I prefer a touch of salt and tabasco.


Maybe being a fat ass and sitting on the couch all day is more of a risk than eating eggs :-o

Ill stick to my 5 dozen eggs a week thank you.


The farmers back home would order a dozen eggs. Don't know as you'd call it breakfast as they probably had been working for hours by the time I was awake.


I remember a bloke at work shitting a brick when I told him I eat 3 eggs a day, he was convinced I was on the verge of death constantly.