Yes, Another Mag 10 Question for Bill

I hate to beat a dead horse, but I have another question about the “miracle” product Mag 10. I am very excited and ready to try it but I have a concern. I am a natural bodybuilder and I am entering a contest in about six months. Since it is a pro-steroid, would it make me fail the urine test for steroid or andro use? Would it make me fail my polygraph for andro or steroid use? If so, is there anyway to “get around” failing either of these tests?

It might or might not be possible you could fail the urinary
T/epi-T ratio test while on MAG-10, but
not if you discontinued it even a few
days before the contest.

As to whether you fail the polygraph that’s
up to your own state of mind, really. There
are many ways to beat a polygraph – basically
they come down to being calm about the question. For example, interpret in your own mind every question as being prefaced by, “Is this a nice question?” So if they ask, “Have you ever taken steroids?” you process this in your mind as, “Is this a nice question, asking if you’ve ever taken steroids?” And the answer is a completely sincere no! Nothing to be nervous about. That’s all that’s being detected. Or then there’s the point that you
actually are taking only legal supplements.

Now, there are natural contests that explicitly
prohibit prohormone use. I’d have to suggest
you not choose one of these contests, but instead one of the many contests which do allow prohormone use. It wouldn’t be fair
to compete using MAG-10 when most other guys in the contest, honoring the rules, were using
no androgens.

I read that one way you can pass a polygraph is to have a pin in your shoe going into your toe. When they ask you the initial question which is just some b.s. thing that you don’t have a reason to lie about just prick yourself and then when they askt he real questions just do it again and it’ll fuck up the readings…just something I heard.

Thank you for your expertise. What are a few organizations that allow prohormone use but prohibit the use of androgens? Do any of the organizations hold contests in the southeast?

I’m sorry but I don’t have a current
answer on that. At least as of a couple
of years ago there were natural organizations
allowing prohormones though and I’d certainly think there still are. Perhaps someone
can give exact information for you?

So you are saying that after a couple of days break from mag-10, it can not be detected at all. I know you mentioned the epi/T ratio test, but is there any other test that might be performed that might detect mag-10 use. Also, commenting on natural shows, I know the musclemania contest allows prohormone use.

The 4-AD-EC component couldn’t be detected
past a few days, perhaps a week, since 4-AD
levels are naturally high in the body.

The Androst-1-ene component, currently no
one is looking for and it isn’t banned.
However if an assay were developed, it might
be detected for many months.

Bill Roberts, I have a great deal of respect for you and your knowledge. However I must say, you need to do a lot more research on polygraph tests. The worse thing any person can do during one of those tests is to continually tell themselves that they are fine. This is what creates anxiety, irregular breathing and blood racing.

The trick to passing one of these tests is to make the results mixed, ie not up for interpretation. You must keep the needle bouncing all over the place, especially on questions that you couldn’t possible lie on (Is your name Tom, Are you a Man, etc). Some suggestions include the afformentioned jabbing of the pin, holding your breathing between questions, shallow breathing until you must speed your breathing up, any drugs that increase your heart rate that won’t cause you to fail the contests drug tests, running a sharp finger nail across a small open cut and even bitting your tongue sharply.

The method I described of mentally interpreting the question in a manner
more favorable for the test worked
for me and has worked for others.

No, it doesn’t make you get tensed
up to have a conversational attitude
ABOUT the question itself rather than about
what the question is asking.

I can’t really comment on whether your
advice is good or not, other than the
obvious conclusion that it will produce
suspicious results, quite unnatural
responses. This may be fine for a drug
test. It may not be so good for an employment
test, where “this guy was all over the map,
can’t tell with him” may not be a satisfactory finding.

By the way, another important thing to realize about these tests is that the examiners believe that all people will lie to certain questions and they must “find” you lying. Make sure to be gullible for these questions. For example, they will ask if you have ever stolen anything from an employer. Answer “no” but
treat this mentally as a very alarming, frightening question. (Or use one of your tricks if you like.) Then after they have
that response, ask, “Well, what do you mean, do pens and pencils count?” And then they’ll rephrase the question to make it, perhaps,
items worth more than $20 and then you pass
that question.

Make them convinced they can spot you lying,
on those questions they expect people to lie in response to.