YES, Another Anabolic Diet Thread

I really dont have time to see if there is an updated thread on the Anabolic Diet, so I thought I would start one and see what happens. Also, this is my first post on the forum after reading quite a bit of a thread that dated back to 2005 and in which “DH” was the Anabolic Diet Guru with a wealth of info that really helped me. “DH”, I hope you are still out there!

My wife and I have been on it 1 1/2 months and we love it! I dont think I have enjoyed red meat more in my life, and we really dont miss the carbs. We have a carb up on the weekend between 24-36 hours and the pumps after working out after a carb up are amazing. I have been seeing some growth and loss of body fat. I went from 19% bf to 17% in a month, with a lot to go. My goal is single digits. My wife and I ran the NYC marathon Nov. 7th and I think the fact we were fat adapted, really helped us and in fact I think it prevented us from hitting the “wall”.

Anyway, now after our training for the marathon is done, we are now focused on weight training by incorporating the Anabolic Diet and the Power/Rep-Range/Shock workouts which are great! I have seen alot of sample menus out there, but I would like some samples of “cutting” menus. Anyone out there have any sample cutting menus and lets hear everyone’s experience on this lifestyle.

The AD would not suite everyone IMHO…only those who are more insulin resistant and do not handle carbs well generally…some progress MUCH faster WITH carbs daily! (Speaking from experience). I tried leaning out on low carbs for a long time, blaming things like toxicity for my slow progress until I switched my macros to much more carbs, less protein and fats which lead to MUCH BETTER changes in bodycomposition for ME. Yet I have clients who I have placed on low carbs(similar to the AD) who too have gained alot of muscle and lost fat at the same time!

A “cutting” menu is simple. Just reduce overall kcals keeping the macros at 40$ pro and roughly 60% fats…with trace carbs of coarse. The amount is dependent on several factors relative to the individual.


Thanks Gymjunkie. Yes, I do understand this diet is not for everyone, and some do better with carbs, but this lifestyle does work for ME and I feel great since I have been on it.

Yes, I have dropped calories for cutting, so I just need to get adjusted since the induction phase I was consuming so many calories. Just wanted an idea what some are eating while cutting on this diet.


From experience I ate the same foods…just more or less depending on goal, if that makes sense.


Gymjunkie, how long ago were you on it, and for how long? Would you ever get back on it?

For 2-3 years…I personally would not get back on it, because I am more carbohydrate tolerant and make much better progress WITH carbs, even when leaning out! BUT I do advocate it to those less insulin sensitive…Try, test and assess…If you progress well, great stick with it, if not…try something different.


Been there, done that. In the first few months, there seem to be some hormonal adaptations I liked, but in the long term, say >8 months, the good effects went away.

I then realized that, for certain activities, my body was bound and determined to burn glucose, and simply got way more efficient at gluconeogenesis (forming glucose from protein). Not good.

I also developed a super-hyper-sensitivity to carbs, releasing too much insulin when I did eat carbs.

And furthermore, I found that the diet was deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, and that I feel better getting foods that contain those nutrients, rather than just supplementing.