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Yellowing Eyes, Is This Lifting Related?

I recently got contacts and long story short i noticed I had some yellowing in the whites of my eyes. Looked it up found out it was jaundice from elevated billirubin levels. Reading the symptoms I was very nervous went and got a CBC and my billirubin was 2.7 I made an appt with my primary care doc and they sent me to get a ultrasound of my liver and all that. Everything came back clear not so much as a gallstone or anything abnormal was found. Liver enzymes are fine, slightly elevated but I know that is normal due to weight lifting.

I am on Stan Efferdings vertical diet and thought maybe it had to do with the level of meat I was eating so I messaged him and asked him. He said his best guess if liver came back clear is that it was probably due to muscle breakdown and not to worry about it. I am thinking this is probably what it is too due to mainly the fact that when I deload it seems to clear up and my eyes return to white. I also notice on really intense days like when I am squatting and doing strongman events it seems slightly more yellow. Now this is not so yellow that you can see it without being right up close to a mirror which is why I never even noticed it until I got contacts.

The doctor that examined me even said he couldn’t even see any yellow same with the eye doctor so it is very minor but noticable to me when I put in my contacts. Anyone else experience this, think it’s something I should even worry about?

One thing I thought could be a possible reason. My test levels were extremely low at the time (300) I have since started TRT but only been on for a couple months. I Was thinking (and I am no doctor) but I was thinking perhaps it could be that my test was so low my body couldn’t keep up with the training demand I was putting on it. I was at the time working out 7 days a week. Lifting 4 and running the other 3 with no days off.

I have since started training smarter. What do you guys think? I would love some opinions.

Did you have your eyes dialated or did they put the UV drops in to check retinal pressures at the eye doctor’s? Those can cause slight yellowing of the eyes for a few days (I noticed last time I got the drops put in).
7 days a week training is way too much, especially if you don’t have your diet on point to accomodate the punishment you are subjecting your body to (this is the reason many professional athletes/olympians have full time nutritionists).

No I did not and the yellow has been something that has been lingering for a while now but I have recently redone my training regimine. I have cut it down drastically. Now I am weight training 4 days a week and only doing one day of HIIT for about 10 minutes as opposed to before I was doing weight training 4x a week and running 4 miles the remaining 3 days.

My diet is very much on point I follow the vertical diet and make sure I get all my vitamins and minerals and stay properly hydrated as well as adequate sleep.

A real doctor and a real optometrist cleared you of any eye problem or liver problem. Right?

You’ve had liver enzymes and a liver ultrasound and there’s no cirrhosis/fatty liver/cancer. Right?

Neither the doctor, nor the optometrist even sees yellow in your eyes. Right?

What are you worried about? You’ve got a clean bill of health man.


Cuz now they wanna send me to a gastrointerologist and all this to further investigate and im not sure if I really think its worth it.

I think its called Gilberts syndrome. Look it up. Its excess bilirubin, that causes no other issues.

Just FYI, my Bili climbed into the 1+ range after I started TRT. TRT increases RBC, which end up as bilirubin. just a heads up.


Ya I was wondering if it was Gilberts syndrome too. It’s funny my brothers was higher than the normal range too when he got it checked and he is also really into the gym so that’s why I wondered if it could be gym related.

I thought of that too about the raising red blood cells but to be honest ever since i started test it looks like it has been getting a little better. I really think it has something to do with my recovery.

Are you of northern European descent? Gilbert’s is more concentrated in people from that area. I have it. You really only notice it in the eyes occasionally, and when you get a blood test.

No I’m not. My doctor didn’t seem to think I had it because he said it generally doesn’t get above like 1.9 from gilberts and mine was at the highest 2.7 but it seems to fluctuate.