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Yellow Urine


Religiously I drink a lot of water, I would say on average almost a gallon a day. I've been doing this for quite some time now.

About a month ago I started noticing that when I woke up in the am that my urine was yellow. I had originally thought that it was because I stopped drinking water right before I went to bed, about a week before. For digestion reasons as well as I was tired of waking up in the middle of the night to pee. I wanted to get a full nights rest.

So I started drinking water again in the pm, but nothing actually changed. In fact my urine stated getting darker in the am, and, I've also noticed that if I went a fair amount of time w/out drinking water that my urine would darken.

So basically I drink 3/4-1 gallon of water per day
Urine started turning yellow in the AM
Sometimes darkened during the day if I don't drink religiously
I feel like If I drink 1 bottle of water, I urinate 1 bottle of water...almost like I'm not absorbing any of the water
I've also noticed my bowel movements have slowed down, from 1 per day to every other day
My mouth seems to be always dry
And my skin looks like crap...Never looked that good to begin with, but as I was typing this up I realized my skin's looked dryer, and more poorish over the last couple of weeks.

Any Idea what's going on?




Check your blood sugar.


Where do you live?


See a doctor/thread


this is definitely one of the things you should go see a doctor about.

A change in your BM pattern can be a sign of bowel cancer. I'm not trying to scare you! I'm just saying that some of those symptoms you listed can be caused by nasty stuff.

Better safe than sorry.




Since dry skin is a classic symptom of hyperglycemia, and dark urine can come from diabetic ketoacidosis, I'd get a blood sugar check right away.


I made an appointment with my doc for the end of the week.

Someone asked above...I live in New England.


You don't feel as though living in New England during a particularly shitty winter might explain your dry skin?


No, not really, It's abnormally dryer than usual. I've lived here my whole life, so I know what to expect around this time of year.

I had an appointment with the doc. They're running some blood tests and took a urine sample


If you get a positive test for liver enzymes post the full results. Hard weight training can mimic liver damage for several days (some studies found false positives up to 14 days after weight training) and doctors don't have a clue about this usually, however there is a difference in the proportion of the 2 enzymes if it is muscle damage versus liver damage.


I've consistently had elevated liver enzymes on almost every blood test since I started lifting again. They've had me retest several times and it's always the same, so I just said enough is enough and asked the doctor to research the link between liver enzymes and a consistent strength training regiment.

Here are two that I have copies of from last year:

Albumin/Globulin Ration - 2.6 (H) and 2.7 (H) one month prior; AST (49 - H) and (36 - N) one month prior, and ALT (91 - H) and (55 - H) one month prior.


I don't remember the exact numbers. I will have to check, but if AST is high and ALT normal then there is no reason to believe it is related to the liver, and could be explained completely by muscular training. Training produces the greatest uncrease in AST 3-7 days after intense training.

CORRECTION! ALT and AST both go up with training, but if you have a normal biliruben, then the ALT and AST are not indicative of liver function.


Elevated Creatinine & Proteinuria

Yep, my biliruben was at the lower end of normal, i.e., 0.6 and 0.9, on both tests.