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Yellow Stains on Clothes


Anyone else have this problem? After sweating in clothes for prolonged periods like maybe 5 months or so, and I mean like I really sweat a lot in them(in general i sweat a lot), my clothes get some yellow stains, and not just like the arm pits or w/e like the back even and some of my shorts have a yellow stain around the back waist line. Anyone can tell me why or how to counter it? Thanks guys.


Lots of polyester?

Should not happen with cotton.


Might want to change your shirts more often than every 5 months. And take a shower once in awhile.


But I take 2-3 showers a day! And its like 30 mins a shower, and yes i use shampoo,face wash and body gel EVERY shower, and conditioner once a day. This can't be due to showers?

Well not all my shirts are 100% cotton so could that really be the reason??


It may be something to do with the deodorant anti-perspirant you use. I think if there's aluminum in it this can happen.
Or someone's peeing on your clothes.


Do you have oily skin?


I think this may have something to do with it. I know a guy who has this problems and he almost always wears polyester shirts.

Maybe wear a cheap cotton shirt under the good shirts. It'll suck in the summer but in the long run it may save you money.


This is the one correct post in this thread. Antiperspirant/deodorant used causes this when mixed with sweat. Cotton shirts are actually the worst for holding that stain.


I was going to make fun of you for the title of this thread (Yelow hahaha) buuuut after reading your actual post it's just a typo and you're not THAT dumb :slight_smile:

To answer your question, I have slight yellow discoloration on my undershirts around the pits mostly. It's not something I'm really embarrassed about ... they're sweat stains. People sweat. That's why they're undershirts, so my nice shirts don't get that.

And for the record I change my undershirts EVERY DAY. Yellow stains, sweat stains, happen. It is what it is.


Holy fuck @ 2-3 30 minute showers per day.


Of course they stain but you can wash it out.

Some stains in cheap polyester shirts do not disappear and the stink never washes out.

I went through enough of those so I would know.


You might be able to bleach it out, but I've got plenty of white, cotton t-shirts that have been washed numerous times that are a testament to the endurance of these stains.


Yeah this happens to my white undershirts for work after a while but especially to any white gym shirts since i sweat more when working out than at work. Use it as an excuse to buy new shirts and toss those. I

f you are going to wear cotton shirts to work out with... don't buy like a white t-shirt with a design on the front or something. Get colored shirts. Grey, red, blue, etc. Problem solved. Nothing much you can do about the white undershirts though. Just toss them when it gets gross looking.


Erm the shirts that I use with anti-perspirant and without(and I don't use it that much) both have the stains. To the oily skin, yeah I have oily skin(due to me sweating a shit load I guess). Abt the coloured shirts well, yeah that could work, except erm I have these blue shirts(part of my school uniform(which I'll be dumping in a months time woot!)) which have pit stains.

1 thing is abt the anti-perspirant this problem started when I was 14(17 now), used to get pit stains, and I only started using anti-perspirant when I was 15. So I'm not too sure how this can relate to my problem. Oh erm yeah probably be wearing undershirts with all my good clothes. Well I guess there is no real like erm solution is there? Lol guess it's just a natural occurence?? Oh also I live in Malaysia, tropical country, humid and hot, so that's a contributing factor to why I sweat buckets.(no not literally =) )

Edit: Oh, and thanks for so many replies guys!


Not without a lot of bleach you can't. It will never come out in a normal wash.


What's "erm"?


Erm.. well...erm... well... erm

The colored shirts will stain eventually. But you can get away with it a lot longer and wont look like you pissed out of your armpits like nasty old white gym shirt.


I actually sweat through the white cotton undershirts into my work shirts and some of my lighter color workshirts have the yellow stain as well. Anyone who isn't sweating enough to stain white cotton undershirts is probably pretty small. Sweating more is probably the worst part of gaining muscle.



I had this problem with an anti-persperant I used to use. I switched to a solid stick with baking soda (also had skin rashes from whatever they put in Old Spice deodorant) and it still works great without the stains.