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Yellow Orange Skin


I was not sure whether to post this here or in the nutrition forum because the cause may be food but here goes,
In the last couple of weeks I have noticed that my skin has a bit of a yellow color. It has even been commented on by some family memebers. I do not know if it is from eating to much of a certain food or from supplements, lack of vitamin or to much. I will outline the foods and vitamins I eat most days.

chicken breast
green beans
oatmeal (A LOT)

multi vitamin
vitamin c

From a bit of researching I have done I think it can be do to eating a lot of oatmeal and green beans ( vitamin A), but I am not sure. Any opinions?

Not my hands but here is a picture as example.


can be liver problem, if your really concerned your better going too a doctor about it





See a doctor ASAP. Just to be on the safe side.

My sister used to eat a shit ton of carrots, and her skin started to turn orange-ish, due to the beta-carotene.


Cerrhosis of the liver with jaundice. It's the Macbeth of diseases.


you need to see a doctor dude

tomorrow !


Carrots in abundance (like too much carrot juice) will do it, or jaundice.


Doubt it's jaundice, that causes yellowing of the eyes.