Yellow Haze w/ Ephedra?

Has anyone heard of or about this fat loss product, Yellow Haze? It has Ma Huang in it which is apparently ephedra…anyone try it or know anything about it? I ran into this product on the shelf of Muscle Maker Grill, but cant find any reviews or testimonials about it.



I tried it, and it was ok. I stopped using it because it has yohimbrine and ephedra in it and it was way to hard on my heart. If you’re keen on an ephedra product just buy straight ephedrine HCL online and make an ECA.

Lots of guys at Professional Muscle like it. It’s pretty cheap, try it and see.

Yeah, I picked it up because it was only $40 for 100 capsules and the label says to only take 1 a day…I’m usually skeptical of ‘fat burners’ because I used to work for GNC and have tried majority of them with no extreme result. Ive been sticking to the proper nutrition and training protocal and have seen good results. I thought what the hell cuz I’ve never used a product with ephedrine in it, so I’ll give it a shot