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Yellow Bone/Dark Bone?


So I was having a conversation with some gentlement about women. After a few minutes someone made a comment about yellow bone / dark bone women and laughed when I asked what it was.

Then more slang, of which I did not understand in the least, was used and now I'm curious.

What does yellow bone / dark bone mean? It seemed important.



I will say racist is what they are.

Asian/yellow bone
African American/dark bone


Yellow and dark refer to degrees of darkness of the skin of African American females.



yellow bone:

black bone:

red bone?:

never heard any of them before tho


Urban dictionary is your best friend in these situations:


Edit: never mind. Beaten to it.


there's also red bone


there's also red bone

even among african americans lighter skin tones are more prized... ala alicia keys halle berry when compared to darker african american females


Actually, this is wrong. A yellow bone is a light skinned black girl. I've never heard the term dark boned before, but it's pretty easy to figure out. Usually a dark skinned black girl is just a "black girl".


Thats okay I dont mind being wrong on racial slang. :slightly_smiling:

Where you been?


I see.


Houston guy... Do you start a new thread every day? I think you do... Every other day at least


Haha, don't blame you. Been sticking to the logs, and combat, PL and conditioning sections mostly. Everything here seems to quickly devolve into a shit storm so I've been staying away. But, when black girls (a subject I'm somewhat of an expert on, haha) comes up I gotta chime in.


I see you post in Gregs log but he has such a following I dont want to fall into the herd.

Hope all is well.


I think you're the only person on T-Nation that doesn't post in Greg's log. Likewise brother, thanks.


Come on in DJ, the waters fine :slightly_smiling: I think most people follow along for my funny stories

But on a serious note... Where does "Busy Bone" fall into all of this?


Yeah, he was the guy who used to do the Budweiser commercials back in the 80s.





How do you live in Houston and not know this shit?


I don't pay attention I guess. I didn't realize there was a widely accepted vernacular for black women of varying shades.


Yeah, I get that. The only thing is, this is so common, I doubt one single black man in Houston is unaware of what it means. I mean, they used that term in House Party, didn't they. How old is that?