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Yellow 5 in Sports Drinks

Does anyone know anything about yellow 5 which is in sport drinks such as gatorade, powerade, etc…It is only in the drinks that have a yellowish color to them. I was told that this substance lowers sperm count. Is this true? This is the same substance in mountain dew and citra. I have been dinking gatorade lime flavor for over a year now and i have just found this out. Can anyone please help me out. Am I in any harm? Should I continue?

I remember my chem teacher saying people were using mountain dew as a contraceptive and he said that it was BS. you should be fine

I’d like to be sure about this one. Any experts wanna comment on this? Mr. Berardi, CS?

The study everyone was on the bandwagon about was back in 98 and it was if you gave a semi of mt dew to a mouse it would lower his sperm count. In other words do not worry about it.