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Ok… ok… I’m bragging, but I am so pleased with my progress and I just thought I would shout it out to everyone…

I did 3 sets of 10 full dips unassisted the other night and then last night did 3 sets of 6 chins unassisted!!! Not bad for a chick, hey!

Someone said that I should just keep going to failure on these things instead of keeping to sets… ie. 3 x 10 etc… I’m doing these at the end of my workout too??? Would I do more if I did them at the start… is it better to do them warm and fatigued or straight up??

Gathering opinions… comments??


I guess depends on what you want…If you want to just be able to do 40 straight or something…doing them in a super set ladder is best imho…or a straight gtg during the day…

I you want to move some weight well more traditional aproaches will work also…

you can add weight to the ladder, gtg as well…do them first in a workout if its your vertical upper day and such

that’s great on your progress! if you want to really improve a lift, do it at the beginning of your workout. it sometimes helps to do it first thing after a rest period (weekend for example) also. for sure you will get less reps out if you’ve already done say, bench and overhead presses or something, then try to do chins and dips. i don’t see a good reason to do MORE than 10reps per set of anything, LOL, except maybe if you’re going for a contest or something. i would shoot more for adding some weight and doing less reps. try adding 5 lbs and see how many dips you can do. if it’s more than say, 5 or 6, add more weight. just set yourself a goal. if you are already good at this level just challenge yourself more. you can add weight on the chinups too. it’s much more satisfying to say you can do weighted chins than to say you can do 7 instead of 6. well, at least for me it is. and once i started doing weighted ones, i could add more to my reps without weight. good luck!

Instead of going till failure try doing a beginning number of reps, then once you hit that number, think of a random number (the number you think at that time you can do) and do that number of reps + 2 more reps. then next time do the same thing but add 3 more reps, week after that 4…etc

Great work,

You should be excited.

As far as hoe to train with these. Personally I like my Chins @ the start. They are a great combo movement.

As far as reps and such like anything change it up. One great way to move the # of chins you can do (i find) is now that you got 3 sets six, take 2 or three weeks. Add some weight. Enough that you can go for 3 sets of 3. Starting out even failing on the second attempt during your third set. Work at this level for these weeks then go back after this and I am positive the # of non weighted chin will have risen. Then some weeks go to failure. Others work on a prescribed rep and set scheme. All have there place and will help you advance.

Keep up the great progress. :slight_smile:

Hope something here helps.

I’ve found pyramids work exceptionally well if your goal is just to do as many as possible, aka do 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Pick a number you can reach, then once you can complete the entire pyramid, add another level. It’s worked very well for me in the past

Awesome post, chester_blu! Congrats on the accomplishment. I PM’d TT the same subject line last night after I got calipered and found out the diet Terry set up is working great. YEEEEEHAAAW! BTW, I have awesome forearms :wink:

Thanks everyone… eeek… weighted dips and chins… holy crap batman… I is strong girlie!!!


In order to fully assess your progress, we’ll need more pictures. :slight_smile:

Pictures of you doing some unweighted or aided chins and dips would be better to see your progress.

Unweighted= naked :slight_smile:

Seriously though those are pretty impressive numbers for a chick. Hopefully you will continue making progress and be able to do chins with a plate tied to you in no time:)

Mike… thought you would all be sick of the sight of me by now!!!

Samsmarts… if unweighted means naked then I’m wondering what you mean by ‘a plate tied to me in no time’ really means!!! lol!!

Just for the fans… awwww shucks now!!!


lookin tight chess!
keep up the good work!

Looking great. Keep up the progress.


Try out those weighted chins and dips.