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Yeeeeeahhhhhh Buddy! - Dave's Log

Hi everybody, my name is Dave, im 21 and im a student. Ive been training since I was 16, although Ive only really been serious for about 3 years.

Here are some progress pics (if I can upload them properly!)

I train mostly because I love it, but partially for rugby. After next season im looking to do a powerlifting meet.

Best lifts- (weight 80kg)

Bench- 130kg
Box Squat- 170kg
Dead- 227.5kg
Push Press- 100kg
Front squat- 130kg x 3

I losely follow WS4SB. 4 training days, ME upper and lower and RE upper and lower.

Goals right now are to gain 5-10kg, squat 180kg and bench 140kg. Longer term I want a 6 plate pull.

I have a log on another forum, but I wanted to get on here because im a long term reader. Any comments or advice are very welcome.




Front again. No leg shots right now, will ammend this soon.

500lb deadlift-

‘ME’ Upper/another irritating elbow/shoulder rehab session

Floor press

60kg x 8
80kg x 3
100kg x 3
110kg x 3
115kg x 1
120kg x 0

Single arm incline press

30kg dumbell x 9, 7 (left arm failed both times. right was good for 15+easily).

Bent over row

60kg x 12
75kg x 12, 10, 10, 10

Single arm fitball shoulder press

20kg dumbell x 10, 10, 6 (again left arm failed, right good for 20+ id say)

Single arm hammer curl

10kg dumbell x 10, 10, 10 (left arm weak)

Few shoulder health bits.

Crap session, thoroughly fucked off.

I injured my shoulder a long time ago and recently have had chronic elbow pain and issues, the latest of which was a tricep tear. Struggling to figure out the best way to rehab it so upper body training is pretty hit and miss right now.

Right, time for a new plan. Last plan was to bring up the DL to 500lb and thats been done.

New objectives:-

240kg deadlift
180kg back squat (no box)
Elbow and shoulder health

The squat is my priority right now.

ME exercise will be as follows- back squat (for as long as the weight goes up), front squat, box squat.

RE exercises- box squat, deadlift off a plate, front squat

RE lower may well turn into more of a serious session due to the fact that im going to have to go lighter on upper body work for a while because I need to sort my left side out.

RE Lower-

front squat

60kg x 8
80kg x 3
100kg x 1
120kg x 3
120kg x 2, 2, 2, 2, 1 (aiming for 5 x 2, almost passed out on the single rep)

Back squat

120kg x 1
120kg x 2, 2, 2 (to finish off the 8 x 2 which had originally been intended!)

Reverse lunge, front foot on a block

10kg dumbells x 10
14kg’s x 10
16kg’s x 10

Good session, went a tad heavy on the squats, but I cant really hit any low reps for the upper body right now so im sure I ll survive.

Link to a few of the squats:

RE Upper/Dave is a total twat

Dumbell press-

4kg’s x 10
18kg’s x 10
40kg’s x 15, 11, 7

Single arm DB row-

30kg x 12
34kg x 12, 12, 10

Rotator cuff work

Shoulder tri set-

Lat raise, front raise, partial DB press
6kg, 6kg, 14kg

2 rounds of 12 reps.

DB preacher curl-

9kg x 10
12kg x 10, 7


15kg x 20
20kg x 20
22kg x 12

Basically I think ive found the route of all my arm issues. My rotator cuff. My left hand side was probably only 30% as strong as my right. Thinking about it I cant believe I didnt realise this previously, especially since a shoulder surgeon told me specifically that my shoulder lacked internal strength and stability! What a TWAT! Hopefully things will start improve now.

I cant wait to bench!!!

ME lower-

Back squat

60kg x 5
100kg x 3
120kg x 3
130kg 3 x 3- easy, last set felt like I couldve done 5 or more. LM kindly took a video of set 2.

Single leg box squat

3 sets of 10 on each leg


90kg x 12
110kg x 12
130kg x 12

Did a few powercleans and front squats.

Not a bad little session. Squats got easier as I went. Hopefully next week I ll hit 140/145 for a 3.

Due to me possibly hitting Iain’s comp in August Im going to start deadlifting on RE upper. Nothing too hard, maybe hit a similar 3 x 3 system with around 80% so…thats like 180kg. Eeeeaaasssssyyyy.

Vid of set 2 of the squats:

ME (ish) Upper-

Floor press

60kg x 8
80kg x 5
100kg x 3
110kg x 4- PR
120kg x 1- PR
122.5kg x stopped at the bottom, no point trying to press it!

Bent over row

60kg x 12
70kg x 12
80kg x 12
90kg x 10
100kg x 5

Single arm incline press

30kg x 10
32kg x 9

DB Power clean

5kg x 12, 12, 12

Reverse fly

5kg x 12, 12

Alternating curl

12kg x 12
14kg x 8
14kg x 6


15kg x 10
20kg x 10
25kg x 10
30kg x 8

External rotations

4kg x 12
6kg x 8, 8

Internal cable rotations

5kg x 12, 12

Happy with the session, finally got some actual max effort pressing done, even if it was with low volume. Shoulder feels so good after the 'cuff work too.

RE Lower-


60kg x 5
100kg x 3
140kg x 1
180kg x 1
200kg 3 x 3 Easy as you like, had 5 on all the sets. LM filmed set 2.

Box squat to //

60kg x 2
80kg x 1
100kg 8 x 2

Front leg elevated reverse lunge

18kg dumbells 2 x 10

Good session, really pleased with the deadlifts. Didnt feel hard at all and the bar speed was pretty constant throughout.

Middle set of the deads:

RE Upper in a bit of a hurry

1 notch incline db press

40kg x 10, 9, 8

Single arm row

34kg x 10
36kg x 10, 10, 10 (couldve gone heavier but elbow wasnt loving them)

Lateral raise

7kg x 12
8kg x 12, 10

Chest supported reverse fly

10kg x 12, 10, 14 (make up for the 10 when I lost count!)

Db hammer curl

12kg x 12
14kg x 7
10kg x 8

External rotations

4kg x 12
5kg x 12

Band pushdowns

2 x 20

Cheers, and good luck with your goals!

Thanks mate, things seem to be coming along just fine right now. Theres a deadlift/ floor to overhead comp on August the 16th run by IainK that I think I ll hit,

Aiming for 230kg+deadlift (240 would be awesome) and 100kg overhead somehow!

ME Lower-

back squat

60kg x 5
80kg x 3
100kg x 1
120kg x 3
140kg 3 x 3


60kg x 5
110kg x 1
140kg x 12
150kg x 8
110kg x 18 (shooting for 20!).

Too knackered to do any unilateral stuff. My groin felt really tight today and was stopping me from sitting back into the squats as much as I wouldve liked. I blame sitting in a car for 8 hours a day delivering yellow pages!

On a side note LM was tearing up the front squats today, 100kg x 6, 110kg for an easy single. Might have to keep an eye on my gym FS record of 140kg…

Vid of today. Last set of 3 x 3, camerman missed the first rep. Not pretty squats.

RE Lower from last night-


60kg x 5
100kg x 3
140kg x 1
180kg x 1
210kg x 1 flew up
230kg x 0
230kg x 0 knees both times.

I decided to take the deadlifts heavy today because Im having my wisdom teeth pulled on wednesday night and I wont be able to deadlift next friday. I think ive easily got 230+ in me I just need a few weeks to build up to it!

Back squats

60kg x 2
100kg x 2
110kg 8 x 2

Dumbell split squat

18kg’s x 10, 10

Back squats again because LM said he wouldnt come to the pub unless I hit 140

60kg x 1
100kg x 1
120kg x 1
140kg x 1

Done. Aching quite a lot in my hammies today.