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Years In The Making

In 2013 my wife had a baby and I got to keep the baby weight going from 140lbs to 220lbs in 10 months with a shitty job and only man boobs to show for it. Never was athletic, sedentary like most people and never understood the appeal of lifting or purposely inflicting pain for a six pack.

In 2014 at 220lbs I bought a power rack and 300lb weight set off craigslist. I started with StrongLifts 5x5 and the supposed gains came fast 180lb squat in three months, 140lb bench and a 220lb deadlift ALL with horrible form and waiting for injury. I didn’t even lose any weight.

In 2015 I switched to GSLP and legitimately got 225lb squat, 180lb bench, 250lb deadlift and I dropped down to 168lbs yet I didn’t look like I could lift a cotton ball. I fucked around program hopping and being inconsistent until next year.

In 2016 I considered doing powerlifting for some reason and found a program called Programming to Win. I did it inconsistently until September. I had went back to 220lbs. Unhappy with my results I bastardized the program and went heavy 2xweek and did accessory 2xweek with no cardio reaching 180lbs @ 5’8 23y/o with 20% body fat or so my scale tells me. Found out I had a shoulder impingement that limited my bench to 190lbs but I had reached 260lbx6 squat and a 300lbx7 deadlift.

This year I had to be better and stop wasting so much time. So my goals are

  • Fix my shoulder impingement
  • 10-12% Body fat
  • 300lbx6+ Squat or 350lb Squat if I get more plates
  • 135lb Seated or Standing Press - Basement too low to do standing but I may be moving
  • Do 5 Pull Ups or Chins in a row

I intend to do all this by July 2017 hopefully using DUP style training. So here’s my plan

Low Intensity Incline Treadmill for 20 mins in the morning fasted
Squat 5x3
OHP 5x3
Barbell Row 5x3
Zercher Holds

I’ll increase the weight by 5lbs if I hit 3 for every set.

Squat 3x15-20
OHP 3x15-20
Barbell Row 3x15-20
HIIT Incline Sprints 10x10secs with 10 secs of rest



Low Intensity Incline Treadmill for 20 mins in the morning fasted
Dips 3x8-12
Romanian Deadlifts 3x8-12
Glute Bridges 3x8-12
Reverse Grip Bench Press 3x8-12
Inverted Rows 3x8-12
Pull Up Progression 3x8-12
Ab Rollout

Squat 3x4-6
OHP 3x4-6
Barbell Row 3x4-6
Loaded Carries
HIIT Incline Sprints 10x10secs with 10 secs of rest

Picture for reference so I would know what I looked like at 188lbs and 23ish% body fat
1/23/17 and 1/24/17

Cardio in the morning for 20 mins
Squat: 270lbs 5x3
Strip The Rack: 100lbs 5x3
Barbell Row: 120lbs 5x3
Zercher Holds 130lbs

Worked on my shoulder impingement.

Squat: 110lbs x 3x15,16,15
Strip The Rack: 50lbs 3x19,17,17
Barbell Row: 50lbs 3x20,18,15
Incline Sprints 10x10secs 20secs of rest

Went lighter than I needed to on the rows.


Thursday’s workout wasn’t bad. Did accessory work

Dips: 3x11,9,11
Really got the movement down and exceeded any amount I had ever done before, now I can order my dip belt.

RDL: 170lbsx3x10,9,10

RDL’s were super setted with dips

Glute Bridge: 140lbsx3x12,11,8

I need to order a pad because hoodies aren’t working too well.

Inverted Rows: 3x6,8,5
RG Bench Press: 140x3x8,8,6

I had intended to load 130lbs on the bar but wasn’t paying attention and loaded 140lbs. Just was not feeling the inverted rows.

On Saturday I mixed it up a bit since a power day seemed intimidating and I’m not an explosive or powerful lifter by any stretch of the imagination. I opted for and will remain doing EMOM’s.

Squat: 190lbsx9x2
OHP: 80lbsx5x2 - 85lbsx4x2
Barbell Rows: 110lbsx5x2 - 115lbsx4x2

I ended up loving these and feeling everything that Thib and Pendlay had mentioned regarding them. I was amazed how everything truly did get easier around the 3rd-4th set. I finished off with 200lb loaded carries for a few sets and then 10x10 incline sprints. Now I just need to buy a bar pad, dip belt, and more plates but no one has had anything for sale in my area for quite awhile.


Squat: 275lbsx1,2,2,2,1
OHP: 105lbsx3,3,3,1,3
Barbell Rows: 130lbsx3,3,3,3,3
Fasted steady state in the morning.


Squat: 130lbsx15,15,15
OHP: 55lbsx19,15,15
Barbell Rows: 55lbsx19,17,15
Fasted incline sprints.


RDL: 175lbsx11,11,11
Dips: 3x7,9,5
The change in frequency from 2 to 1 days a week really hurt me on dips.
Glute Bridge: 150lbsx11,9,10
RGBP: 130lbsx10,9,9
Inverted Rows: 3x12,11,9
Fasted steady state.

Down to 181lbs and 19.4% body fat. I skipped my EMOM day. Things happened.


DUP Heavy Day

Squat: 280lbsx5x2
Strip The Rack: 110lbsx3x2,2,1
Barbell Rows: 135lbsx5x2

Increased the weight on STR too fast and got what I deserved. Squats and everything else went well

DUP Light

Squat: 135lbs3x15,15,7
STR: 60lbsx3x20,16,11
BB Rows: 60lbsx3x16,15,15

Second set of squats I played with a sumo stance and messed up my last set. Active recovery day doing what its intended for.

DUP Moderate

I changed some things out that I didn’t like and this day was awkward for me.

Behind the Neck Press: 40lbsx3x12,12,10

I liked this a lot, I’m going to keep it but I don’t know what I’ll superset it with.

Reverse Grip Bench: 135lbsx3x9,8,8

Considering dropping this for the floor press just to save my shoulders.

RDL: 180lbsx3x8

This is a keeper.

Glute Bridge: 155lbsx2x8,7

Had to stop due to pain in groin area and my makeshift bar pad feels like shit. I want to keep this lift.

Dips: 3x6,6,5New Moderate day will be

Behind the Neck Press - Inverted Rows
RDL - Rear Delt Iso
Glute Bridge - Dips


DUP Power

Emom Day

STR: 85lbsx8x2
BBR: 120lbsx8x2


Heavy Day
Squat: 285lbsx5x1
OHP: 105lbsx5x2,1,2,2,1
BBR: Had to cut my workout short

Had a fucked up day, almost got fired and then proceeded to lift.

Light Day

Squat: 140lbsx3x15
OHP: 65lbsx3x15,13,13
BBR: 65lbsx3x15,15,13

Still wasn’t feeling up to it.

Emom Day

Squat: 205lbsx8x2
OHP: 90lbsx8x2
BBR: 120lbsx8x2

Form was lame on my rows. Skipped my accessory day. Whole week just sucked. Down to 178lbs 18.3% body fat, 40ish% muscle. Did 2 sessions of steady state cardio on the incline treadmill and one session of 10x10 sprints on the treadmill this week. I’m back to losing steadily and hoping to reach 176-74 by the end of the month. Starting to see striations on my forearms which is kind of cool. Wife worries I’m going to be super skinny lol.

Heavy Day

Squat: 285lbsx5x2
OHP: 107lbsx5x2,2,2,1,1
BBR: 140lbsx5x2

Switched to a curl bar and standing presses as it wasn’t so harsh on my shoulder and ending up feeling better. Squats felt like hell and starting to see development in my upper back as pre rows my lower back was over developed in comparison to my upper.

Light Day

Squat: 145x3x15,16,7
OHP: 60x3x15,15,13
BBR: 70x3x15

Couldn’t get a feel for squats.


Inverted Rows: 3x12
Floor Press: 110x3x12
Glute Bridges: 155x3x9,8,9
RDL: 180x3x9,8,8
Behind the Neck Press: 45x3x12



Squat: 210lbsx8x2
OHP: 92lbsx8x2
BBR: 130lbsx8x2


I decided to to make some more changes after being content with my assistance selection. I changed the amount of reps for heavy days from 5-3 doubles. With my last program I responded very well to low sets and my EMOM days have plenty of sets.

Heavy Days - 3x2
Light Days 2x20-25
Moderate 7 mins of AMSAP(sets instead of reps)

Squat: 290lbsx3x2,2,1
OHP: 107lbsx3x2,2,2
BBR: 145lbsx3x2,2,2

I started taking ZMA and woke up with a boner for once. LISS for 30 minutes in the morning fasted.


Squat: 90lbsx2x25,19
OHP: 42lbsx2x25,18
BBR: 50lbsx2x25

Amazed I couldn’t even knock out two sets of 25 with 90lbs on the squat. Really doesn’t matter if I near 300lbs if I can barely manage the lower end. 10x20 HIIT incline sprints.

Nearing the end of the month and of my goals listed for the beginning of July I hit one out of three.

I hit
300lbx6 back squat
150lb OHP
2 strict chin up
180lbs 17.5% body fat

After I had hit 300lb for 6 I switched to front squats with straps.

I changed my workout to some degree when I switched and my current numbers.

Front squat 170x3
Pendlay Rows 170x3
OHP 150x3

I stopped doing fasted cardio altogether. It didn’t help me at all.

Front squat 3x3
Rows 3x3
OHP 3x3
3-5 minutes rest

Front squat 2x15
Landmine rows 2x25
Seated OHP 2f2f
120 seconds rest


Bench press 3x12
Chin up negatives 3x5
Snatch Grip Deadlift 2x12
Dips 3x12
60 seconds rest

Jump squats, OHP, Rows 8x4 EMOM

I do 10x10 with 20 seconds rest incline sprints three to four times a week.