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Year Round Training with Forever

I know there are a lot of options and some come down to personal preference but has anyone thought of a series of templates to go through over a 6-12 month period that work on different aspects? Similar to how a lot of people train with an off season followed by peaking. I assume this might go something like this, I was thinking 2-4 templates or so and the duration on each could vary.

  • Some full body template, focused more on conditioning
  • More hypertrophy based template, BBB maybe?
  • Strength based, Coffinworm/Leviathan for example.

Depends if you are competing in anything really.
IF not, I would prob go, Strength Block - Hypertrophy Block - Conditioning (cutting) Block - Repeat

Any idea which programs would be good for each block?

Strength- 5x5 FSL/ BBS
Hypertrophy- Monolith/ BBB
Cutting- lower the assistance and add more sprints/prowler etc.?

(I don’t have Forever yet, so I’m a little behind with long term programming)

I would guess (but just from a theoric point of view since I haven’t tried) that 5’s Pro, 5x5FSL would allow to push conditioning while retaining strength. The amount of assistance stuff you can do also covers the hypertrophy to some degree since it allows to get more isolation work done and keep the “fitness” level high.
Just a thought. There is a template specifically aimed to fat loss in Forever, Jim wrote it worked great to lose fat, retaining strength and improving overall fitness lever, but it’s meant for experienced intermediates - advanced lifters.

Yeah something like

BBS or Spinal Tap, any of the higher intensity, slightly lower volume templates.

Then BBB/Monolith Seems like a good idea.

Then there’s a few options for the 3rd, Krypteia is the obvious to me,
But from before Forever, maybe widowmakers, certain challenges.

Jim has an article over on his forum about this topic.

That is kind of why I was asking, Monolith might be a good one I forgot about that since its not in the book.