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Year Round Cycle PCT & Recovery


Hi guys,

First time posting. Im 28 years old. I ran 500 mg test-e with HCG at 250 iu 3x a week for about 12 months. I am very fearful of never being able to recover my natural T production and obviously my fertility. Im not looking to be scolded for not running proper PCTs and doing short cycles. I am looking for straight advice on what I can do now, with the stupid decision I made to stay on, to recover my function.

I believe going cold turkey will be disastrous both mentally and physiologically, so Im going to run 125 mg a week for 2 months, with HCG as usual, and then begin the PCT with Nolva at 20 mg a day. Will I also need clomid?

Any other advice on what I can do here? Is there a chance I can recover my function or am I likely fucked for life?

Not feeling great about it.

Thanks in advance.


I’m in a similar boat. I’m just starting my blast (without hcg on cycle) and I still have time to consider all options but I believe I’ll use dr. scallys new power pct protocol but keeping nolva at 20 mg a day. I think we’re goona be fine bro. There’s obviously a chance your hpta could not restart but you seem to be going down a dark mental path and letting your negative thoughts take over, control that shit my man, keep it positive. This probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for, I’ll let someone else give you straight up answers for your concerns but I’m genuinely curious about your gains tho, how were they for cycling for the whole year?


You ran HCG at 250iu 3X per week. That should have kept you from primary shut down. You will have complete secondary shutdown from a year of 500 mg test a week.

Why not try HCG at 500iu 3X per week solo? If you get good levels with that, then you know your balls work. You will probably gain some ball size during that time.

Once you get good levels with HCG, then you could try the Nolva to get you out of secondary hypogonadism.


IMO gains had slowed down of course but I continued to make gains throughout the entire year. The reason being that I had taken time off from working out so was almost basically starting from scratch again when I picked it up a year ago - so I had lots of gains to make to come close to my genetic limit. My thinking was: 1 cycle isn’t going to get me to my genetic limit, so I’ll stay on for a while and jumpstart some solid progress before hopping off, which ended up being a year. So really it’s only like 4 12-week cycles, just that they were continuous. And I think it’d take about that many cycles for a person starting from scratch to reach their genetic muscle limit, no ? Which may be why my gains only in the past couple month have started to plateau. For example, my chest is way better now than it was after my first 12 weeks on the Test-e a year ago…

This wouldn’t work, however, for someone training natty for years and years since they are closer to their genetic limit and thus will max out their “natural” gains quicker and with less cycles. Am I wrong about this? Would it actually only take 1 cycle to bust through your genetic limit?