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Year of Training, New Goals

I am a new user to T Nation so ill explain a bit about myself and then what im looking to achieve.

I’m 19 years old, a trainee personal trainer (the course im doing is fairly useless, so looking at other options on top of it). ive always had a sporty hobby, karate, then sprinting, then rugby. so i get along in the rugby world and get told to start working out. for about a year I trained willy nilly and achieved very little - i had biceps, and could see some lats. but there was no real structure in my diet or training.

then just before my 18th birthday a guy came up to the gym where i trained. he said he trained for size, this intrested me. he gave us a 4 day split, the usual. chest/tri’s , back/lats , shoulders/traps and legs/bi’s. he orgianally worked for a supplement store nearby and started getting us on Gaspari products. so i have used real mass, myofusion, their bcaas, plasmajet and super pump, but these are expensive.

i started training 5-6 times a week and i know i need rest but im a bored guy haha.
but recently my rugby team all went off to university and after a year of training, learning and eating a bit better ive developed an intrest in bodybuilding.

so i was wondering if there are any set programmes, nutrition set ups and supplement guidelines that would help me bulk up.

i can eat most things, even if i dont enjoy it. and i enjoy training all body parts.

im 6ft2, about 90-93kg which is about 200-205lbs - i dont add size very easily and struggle to bulk, and i am pretty lean.

my max lifts are
bench press - 135kg / 297lbs
deadlift - 230kg / 507lbs
squat - 170kg / 374lbs

( i dont know if this information is of any use but there it is, incase a programme uses % of 1RM )

my supplements at the moment are - carbo charge, a cheapish protein blend, jack3d and a Sci-MX mass gainer (just purchased and not started)

im looking to bulk, in an arnie-frame kind of way as he was also tall.

any help is much appreciated

attached - a photo of me and the guy who changed my training (taken about september 2011)


also, is it worth trying this i,bodybuilder programme?

[quote]JThomson92 wrote:
also, is it worth trying this i,bodybuilder programme?[/quote]

O its worth it…MUHAHAHAHAHA

in the videos they use thick bars, my gym doesnt have a thick bar, will this make a difference? should i wrap something around the bar to make it thicker?


I, Bodybuilder is great, however The author (Christian Thibaudeau) has changed his style a little since that came out.

You’re better off doing the HP MASS program, one of his most recent ones.

With that said, I, BB will still be a great choice.

How much are you eating?

im eating (As of new year) roughly this as a template

wake up protein shake with carbo charge

meal 1
oats yoghurt 1 banana and a handful of strawberries
2 slices of brown toast with natural peanut butter
with omega 3-6-9 tablets

meal 2
6-8 egg omlette with bacon

meal/part 3
sci-mx mass gainer shake or whey protein shake with something like wheetabix haha

pre workout Jack3d
intra workout carbocharge and a bit of creatine monohydrate
post workout whey shake

meal 4
chicken breasts with sweet potato
with omega 3-6-9 tablets

meal 5
1-2 tin of tuna with mayonase
2 slices of brown toast with natural peanut butter

before bed whey blend shake

[quote]so i was wondering if there are any set programmes, nutrition set ups and supplement guidelines that would help me bulk up.

That’s a huge question. But luckily, there is tons of information on this site that can help you if you dedicate the time to reading/researching.

As for lifting programs; 5/3/1, WSSB, HP Mass are all good (and others, not intended to an exhaustive list). The main thing for gaining mass is making sure you are consistently lifting more in the weight room and eating enough for the scale to creep up as well. If the scale isn’t moving and you are stalled in the gym, then you simply need to eat more.

Don’t stress supplements too much, spend your money on some whey and maybe creatine and a specific amino acid product (leucine, BCAA, etc), but only if you have money in your budget for the creatine and amino acid. You can survive without.