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Year Long Workout For You


Well there seems to be many people here that don't know what HGM is. It is Home Grown Muscle and it takes a year to go through. It has 10 different phases for 10 different goals. The people that use this program for just the FIRST phase have gained 8-10 pounds of muscle. Its pretty good. I thought that I might try and help you guys with this program and heres the link.



WTF? This is your second post about this crap. Do you work for Men's Health or what? Did you write the damn article?


Chill out bro, I do not work for mens health and I posted it for your benefit. I posted it last time but the link was messed up so I posted another thread. If you have a problem with the thread, dont post in it.


Meh, its ok


Meh. Seems like some pretty basic stuff for most of us T-Nation types. I like to use my intuition and modify routines based on results rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all year-long schedule. Besides, I might end up looking like a MH cover boy!