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Year Long Cycle


Ok guys im 21, still running 500 mg a week for approx 1 year now, please dont start a flame war here and tell me im an idiot. Ive gained roughly 10 lbs with a good diet(minus the fact i dont count carbs but do get roughly 200 g's of protein in a day). If your going to ask if the gear is real, i would deffently say yes cause ive gotten it from 2 different sources and get mad facail acne from it. Now with the 10 lb gain i look like ive gained 20 or 30, but the scales and BF% dont lie.

Planning on tappering down over a few monthes and running some HCG during then doing a PCT with Arimidex(which i have on hand) but i do need to find HCG as i just moved 3000 KM from home. I always procrastinated on ending the cycle thats why i stayed on so long, afraid to loose the gains and strength, it helps me with my athletic carreer. Now im afraid ill deal with low t for the rest of my life.


What the fuck. First thing that came to my mind.


Seriously? If you only gained 10 lbs in a year, you're doing it wrong.

Edit: TROLL?


I don't understand what ive done wrong(minus the abuse) i put in 2 hours a day training on average...troll?


Cool story.

Arimidex for PCT, eh? Spectacular application of the information this forum provides. Hats off you young man. You are true gentlman and a scholar.


First thing that comes to mind is that the gear has to be bunk. Maybe something else caused the acne? From my own experience 500mg test/week causes me to bulk even on a low cal diet. Im assuming you took test. 10lb muscle/year seems about right without any gear even if you are a hard gainer.

I dunno a whole lot, these other guys can definitely help you out more if the right questions are asked. But in my opinion I would definitely check that gear man. Youre probably shooting plain oil and something thats just causing you to break out with no benefit.

Any ball shrinkage? Good way to tell other then the acne.


also keep in mind 90% of "sources" sell bunk shit, so going through 2 doesn't mean it's legit


i never noticed any ball shrinkage actually... and yeah arimidex is all teh guy had, he didnt have clomid or nolva, he said arimidex would do the trick(even tho i know is completely surpresses estrogen and has a bad bounce back effect)


Your gear's most likely fake dude. Two things you need to do before you post again:





You are a retarded fucking idiot and should not be let anywhere near a syringe.


after a year of use at 500mg/week your nutts would most likely be the size of raisins haha...I say it's fake gear also. Spend a little time around the forums and you will find a decent source.

what did it look like...and what was it?


EDK thanks a lot man, im still gonna pct and see if i can get bloodwork done somewhere here in Canada... and should they litterally be the size of raisins after a year, cause theyre no where near that size... it was liqua tech test enth, yellow clearish, printed label with green caps on top


EDK thanks a lot man, im still gonna pct and see if i can get bloodwork done somewhere here in Canada... and should they litterally be the size of raisins after a year, cause theyre no where near that size... it was test enth, yellow clearish, printed label with green caps on top


no not literally but 500mg should shut you down. Easy way to tell if you don't have access to a lab. Yeah definitely sounds like fake gear, and if it didn't shut you down you really don't need PCT. Lay off everything for 4 weeks and see if you get weaker and drop in weight. If nothing changes then no need for PCT.

Get the blood work, check you liver, and if everything is good then carefully plan you next cycle. Look at the stickies, it pretty much spells it out for you. Oh and never stay on for a year on anything. This is a very good and informative forum look around a little bit.


Arimidex is absolutely not suitable for PCT. You possess enough knowledge to hurt yourself but not enough to realize it.


thank you guys, but bone i think its a combo of not enougth knowledge, stubbornness, obsession and being an idiot... hopefully other young guns will read this fourm before its not too late


I think this is how it happens in gyms ALL across the world and amongst the cast members of Jersey Shore.

They just start pinning themselves with little or no thought to cycle plans, a rudimentary understanding of endocrinology, any idea of the differences between substances, and a blase attitude towards side effects. It must be the "steroid" culture and the easy accessibility of these substances vis a vis the internet which has created this "culture".

I spent a whole year researching and asking inane and idiotic questions on this forum before i even considered injecting myself (spents a month trying to construct an oral only cycle hehe). And on top of that, i did all the reserach i possibly COULD to ensure that i had as legtimate a source i could find, considering my lack of contacts, and verified my gear as best i could.

Take my advice.

And injectin at 21??? Yikes.


Well OP, at least you can still have a legitamate cycle down the road when you have built a better base, gained more knowledge, and hopefully also gain about 30 IQ points because you appear to be a dumbass... :slight_smile:

In all seriousness (cause I know you don't 'gain IQ points) do more research, get a better source, lift/train harder, wait until you are 25+ and then THINK ABOUT doing a real cycle...

and to Wyldflower:

I think the dudes on jersery shore aren't doing too bad, Mike 'The Situations' arms looked significantly larger this season in comparison to season 1. His abs still had their signature look too... Anyways, the situation and ronny would be my guess of the ones that are 'juice heads' alas, who the fuck knows, right??


I'd say Pauly D too.

I just find it hard to believe that guys who have the lifestyles that THEY have, consume as much alchool, eat as much crap, can look like what THEY do without vast quantities of juice - i mean, just judging by my own experience, of moderate cycles and eating sooo clean and tubs and tubs of cottage cheese and clean protein and shit.

I mean, yeah they look "good" (in terms of they have slabs of muscle) but i just can't understand that they have the INTELLIGENCE to use these things appropriately and effectively as to produce the muscles they have.

Considering how much i had to learn, training for so long, was 28 before i hit the needle.. did it BY THE BOOK, and then you see people with a slap-dash approach, going on year-long cycles, no thought for PCT - and doing jst fine??

I mean, that's a relative statment, but i just don't see the average guy putting that much thought into this (op is an example) - considering the vast majority of tiresome n00bs who are similar to the OP who come on here and are like "yeah, but the guy at my gym told me that i should do it this way..."

I dunno, maybe the Jersey Shore d00ds aren't as big of retards as they look.


Im sure they try n make retards out of themselves for ratings... all the same, i know soooo many people at gyms who are juicing with less knowledge then me, at least i ended up a forum, like im a noob and probably fucked myself up, but others are just as bad or worse that i see at the gym everyday(or some friends, i.e. one friend has done the worst cycles ever, "i ddint shoot the last 2 weeks, ill just do em all at once fuck it" also this guy has never pct'ed