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Year Long Cycle That Isn't too Taxing

What cycle(s) would you suggest that I could be on year round that wont be too damaging to me?

I am looking into becoming a fitness model. Obviously they are in shoot ready shape all year round but obviously cant run Tren all year round. Im looking for a cycle that isn’t too taxing that can give me good gains all year round

I know all of you are gonna tell me its all about diet and personality and training. Yes I know. It takes diet, training, personality, and drugs to be a good fitness model. ALL 4. Dont lecture me on the other three. I know this.

Im looking for a cycle that isn’t too taxing that can give me good gains all year round

Trt dose of test and proviron. Or trt test and low masteron, like 100-150mg max.


Year round is called a cruise, not a cycle. A cycle you is intermittent, not year round. 200mg of test/wk has been shown to have a tolerable safety profile for up to 18 mths, and many run that dose forever, such a dose shouldn’t be too taxing on the body, it’s the dose I use year round. Some larger people will cruise on 300mg+ though, but I dont think that’s nessecary if you aren’t a giant of a human being

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If money isnt an issue, Primobolan.



Ok I said cycle meaning that I want to have a couple difference cruises that I cycle through out the year so my body doesn’t get accustomed to the drugs.

I was thinking of doing 4 mini cycles throughout the year

1.Test 250/ HGH 3 IUs
2.Test 200/HGH 3IUs, Proviron
3. Test 150/TrenA 175.
4 Test 175/Materon 175

What do you think? any suggestions?


#2 probably gives you the most gains with the fewest side effects. Hgh at 3iu seems to be very well-tolerated, proviron is very side effect friendly, and 200mg test is enough to put most people at the top of the “normal” range. That sounds like a nice stack that wouldn’t be too harsh on your system but still gives you some serious benefits.

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why is that obvious? honestly, there are probably waaaay more people out there running tren for years at a time than you would expect. Particularly in that industry.

There really is no such thing. Any cycle has a shelf life for how long you’ll likely make progress on it. Particularly if dose is low. If there was a low dose protocol you could run that would give you good gains all year round, don’t you think most people would do that? lol.

Running a low dose year-round is more about keeping gains you’ve already made, maintaining a better-than-natural physique that is much harder to keep when you cycle on and off.

Regarding the 4 cycles you posted:

If you’re going to run HGH, just do it year-round, don’t come off and on it. It will work MUCH better for you if it’s in your system for a year or more. What you have outlined here is almost a waste of money. Don’t treat HGH the way you treat anabolic steroids. It doesn’t work the same way, and HGH protocols shouldn’t resemble AAS protocols.

The cycles you posted have very different strengths. For example, #3 is a MUCH more potent cycle than the rest. Is consistency is really important to you, that might not be ideal.

I would bet that more are in ‘photoshop’ ready condition than you expect.

I agree with @flipcollar here, but year round HGH is going to cost you some big bucks. For chinese made stuff vs pharm grade, you’re looking at anywhere from $150/100IU to $250/100IU. At 3 IU/dayx365 days = 1,095 IU/100 = approx 11 kits x $170 = $1870/year.

Being shutdown for a year will be taxing


I assumed that he plans to be shutdown for life. Perhaps that was a leap on my part.

But yes, if he plans to eventually come off completely, this is not a good idea.

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Which industry? In the fitness modelling industry I wouldn’t be surprised (those guys that have to stay jacked, 7%bf, look like they’re composed in Photoshop, amazing deltoids and vascularity all over) if they run tren year round.

yea sorry, I should have been more specific. That one. And bodybuilding in general.

I know one guy who ran tren with no test as his ‘cruise’. He liked it.

How many mg/wk was that tren cruise?

Totally fine with being on TRT for life.

Tren all year round? Not even the best bodybuilders do that. Idk about that claim.

What HGH doseage do you recommend for fountain of youth and fat loss?

A professonalmuscle post discusses a three-year tren cruise. Reddit has a few threads on multiyear tren cruises as well.

how many elite level competitors do you know? I know world record holders in powerlifting, IFBB bodybuilders, and world-class strongman competitors. Many of whom I’ve had direct conversations with about their drug use. And I can tell you with absolute certainty that this a thing that some of them do.

Where are you acquiring your knowledge about what ‘the best bodybuilders do’? Internet forums?


Tren is the Rule 34 of steroids. If you live in a world with tentacle porn then you also live in a world where guys will cruise on tren.

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