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Year Long Cycle, PCT?


Hey guys so I need some help with pct here. I’ve been running 450-600mg of enanthate for roughly the past year. Around the 8th month I tried to come off and about 4 weeks into it I caved and went back on the test. I felt absolutely horrible and was falling apart mentally. I am highly concerned I may have damaged myself beyond return and I do not want to be on trt the rest of my life.
What do you recommend I do?
What pct protocol would you suggest?


You could’ve gone down to a cruise dose instead of coming completely off. I cycle cruises and blasts and it works great.


There’s no guarantee that PCT will work, but I’d run it at least 2 months, nolva at 20mg/day. Dosing higher won’t be more effective, and combining with clomid will also not be more effective. It could take well over 2 months to get back to normal, if you ever do.

There’s no easy way to do this, man. You will feel shitty for awhile, you’ll lose gains. You’ll hate it. But if you really want a shot at not being on TRT for life, it’s what has to be done. This is why so many people just go with blast and cruise.


You need to get blood work first before doing anything. Once you know the state of your health you can actually know what’s going instead of panicking potentially over nothing.

Chances are if you’re reasonably young, have no pre-existing conditions, you are probably going to be fine in all likelihood. Plenty of gear heads cruise on 500mg/week and suffer little to no consequences to their health (I’m not recommending this just saying).


Ok so I’ve been researching all over the internet and it seems like every body has different advice and tips and i don’t know what to follow. I started running Adex 1mg EOD for the last month of the cycle for estrogen control and my last pin was exactly 7 days ago. Since then I have been running
HCG 2500 Iu EOD and have continued the Adex 1mg EOD
I plan to continue this until about the 2 week mark since my last pin to let the test leave my system and then immediately follow with
50mg clomid ED for 30 days
20mg nolvadex ED for 45 days.

My experience with clomid has been horrible headaches and really blurry vision so I’d like to avoid that if possible.

When would be a good time to do blood work?


You didn’t run an AI until the last month? wow.

So the HCG and Adex are fine the way you’re doing them. HCG is more for fertility, it’s not going to have much to do with the shitty symptoms you’ll be experiencing, or recovery across the board. It has a very specific purpose. But good to include it. The adex dose will need to be adjusted down over time, as there will be less and less test to aromatize. I would say by week 2 of PCT you should be down to no more adex. So adjust it down incrementally.

DONT USE THE CLOMID. Clomid and Nolva don’t work in synergy. I already told you not to. And I said 2 months of nolva, not 6 weeks. Did you just ignore my advice? Why come on here and spout of the shitty advice you’ve gotten elsewhere? That’s not useful to anyone. If you don’t want to be corrected, don’t ask for advice, ya know?

I did forget to mention that nolva should be tapered down, if possible, at the end of your pct. so maybe down to 10mg/day for weeks 5 and 6, then 5mg/day for the last 2 weeks. This is to avoid estrogen rebound at the end.

Bloodwork is generally done in the am on an empty stomach. But your doctor or whoever is doing the bloodwork for you would tell you this anyway. I probably wouldn’t get bloodwork done until at least the end of your PCT. If you do it earlier, it may be mentally discouraging, and it could dissuade you from continuing. Give it proper time if you want to commit to it.


When I tried to come off around 8 months I waited 3 weeks after my last pin and just out of curiosity I got my blood taken. My test levels were still in normal range at 750 but my LH and FSH came back at <0.2 mIU/mL . I believe that means my nuts are basically completely shut down. Is that normal?


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