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Year Long Cycle - PCT Question


I'm almost done this year long cycle, ran t400 (1g a week it's a cyp/enth blend) + Deca (400mg a week) for about 8 months and then bridged to Test Prop (500mg a week) which I'm currently on and have been for the last 4 months. I've been running letro with it the whole time to stay really dry (I know, gotta stop that it's killing my heart). Got some HCG/Nolva + Clen ready to come off really soon.

Do you recommend I taper down off the 500 mg/week prop even considering Prop is short ester or should I just do my last 100mg Prop spike today (Friday), then start hitting the HCG @ 500IU ED & Nolva starting on Monday?


After this long on cycle you are gonna need "the paddles" to het your HPTA back up and running!!

HCG is no longer recommended for PCT. It suppresses the re-establishment of normal LH & FSH and will render your PCT less effective. It would have been good to use HCG while you were still on cycle at 250iu EOD to get the testes primed for recovery during PCT. If they are all shrivelled up now, they will need to be revived before contributing to your recovery verses already being primed.

That said, I would recommend a test stasis/taper PCT combined with a SERM PCT. Check out the stickies (threads) at the top of the forum. You need all the recovery boost you can get.


Read the stickies before your next post. All of them


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You basically need to start running your HCG to get the boys back up to size, then do a extended stasis taper.

Thats pretty much what i did after my year on though mine was a bit rushed for several reasons which made the transition rough, so be thorough in planning and implemented the extended stasis taper.


Yeah that's true. You could use HCG while doing an extended stasis at 100mg test/w. Once your boys plump up, then you can start the taper (after 6 weeks minimum). Once the taper is done (or half way at least), you could add in Nolva for 4 weeks of 40mg/w 49mg/w 20mg/w 20mg/w. All that combined should go a long way to a smooth recovery.


Run the prop 30mg EOD with slin pins for 6 weeks. Taper letro off during first 4 and start nolva at 20mg/day after that and continuing for 2-3 weeks after.


So what were your results of this year long cycle?


no clen in the PCT, makes you shed muscle and feel shitty, its only anticatabolic in animals in my experience.


Wow, at 1g a week with decca, wouldn't that have some major negative impacts on your body and health? I don't know all the specifics, but dosen't prologue use raise your lipid profiles ( Cholesterol )?

So by peoples responses, I assume that there is no time limit from which one can not recover HTPA function even at THAT high of a dose?

I would like to know the gain you have made, I have never known anyone to use that much for so long.


Shutdown is shutdown, the dose doesn't matter much.

a year at 500mg/week is just as bad as a year at 2 grams a week, from a HPTA standpoint.

It is possible to restart after a year long cycle, it just hurts, alot. I would never want to have to do that. And even then your system might be impaired permenantly.

With huge cycles the gains go to diminishing returns.

No matter what hormones your taking, your body has difficulty adding mass after a certain point, and the higher you get above that point, the more difficult it is.

Most pros are taking huge androgen doses just to maintain, they aren't growing very fast.


Would a low dose of TRT shut you down (100mg every 3 weeks)?
Is there a certain dose that would shut you down or is it completely individualistic?


From what I gather shutdown occurs at ~100mg/w


I would go to a TRT dose (100mg/wk) of test alone, for upto 3 months, then drop by 10mg a week for the next 10 weeks while using the HCG at 250iu 3x/wk during the TRT dose and use nolvadex at 20mg/day during the taper. continue the nolvadex past the taper for a few weeks - upto 4 at around 10-20mg/day and go from there, you wont be fully up and running after this IME, but you will be a lot better off than your proposed plan.

The clen is upto you, but if you were thinking of using it for its non-hormonal anabolic effects, you need to re-educate yourself. it seems your AAS knowledge is about 10 years old.

No offence.



I would do an extended taper drawing it out till about two mo or so. I remember FG saying the normal stasis didnt work for him after his extended cycle.