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Year long andro cycle plan...

After a lot of reading and searching on the site, I have come up with the following scheme that I plan on following until I reach my bodybuilding goals. I figure it will take me at least 6 months to a year to “perfect” my physique.

Here’s the plan:
Weeks 1-20
Andro 70x1
Vitex 500mgx1

Weeks 21-24
Tribex 4x2 a day
Vitex 500mgx1


Questions, comments, suggestions?

By “andro”, we assume you mean Androsol, right? You’re staying on it for 20 weeks? Hmm, even with morning only dosing that’s quite a lot. May want to ask Bill Roberts about that just in case. Also, why even mess with Androsol when MAG-10 is available and will give you 3 times the results?

Yes I meant androsol. Why not Mag-10, part of my research I found that the suppressiveness of Mag-10 is unknown at this point whereas there is enought evidence to say that Androsol is very low suppressive, and when I directly questioned Bill about it he agreed.