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Year Gains

well ive boxed for a long time and was always skinny but in august of 2006 i decided to stop and start lifting and with the help of this site these have been my gains in the last 9 months.im 17 years old by the way about to turn 18

started out at 128 lbs and am now 170

was benching: 155 now benching:220

waist was 31.5 now 32.5

biceps were 12.30 in. now they are 15.2 in

chest was 40 in. now 42.5

full squat was 185 now close to 280 all the way down none of that bullshit halfway…i can still see my abs no 6 pack tho so im pretty damn happy with my gains im hoping by this august(one year) i can have my bench up to 235, squat to 300…thankful for the help of this site its great

good work keep it up