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Year End Results


So how did you guys do this year?

List anything Oly related for before the start of the year and what you got now...

Sn training 120 > 127.5 +6.25% : last year i hit 120 once in training, this year I've hit 120+ at least 20x
Sn comp 122 > 125 + 2.45%

CJ training 145 > 152.5 +5.17%
CJ comp 147 > 150 +2.04%

Total training: 118/145 125/152.5 +5.51% : really good day, had 2 close attmpts at 155
Total Comp: 122/147 125/147.5 +1.3%

Clean 155 > 167.5 +7.5% : Depending on how things go I'll have a crack at 170 in the next 2weeks
Rack Jerk 140 > 147 +5%

FS 170 > 180 : I tripled 170 about 3 weeks ago, missed 182 or 182.5 about 10x this year...I may be able to break 182 before the year is out?!

Looks like my comp lifts are about half of my training in terms of % gains :frowning: 1.3% on the CJ in a whole f0cking year...OMG.

BUT this is bette than 2009-2010 and 2008-09 and 07-08 so you can imagine how bad those years were!

07-09 zero gains until end of 09 where I hit 120/145...



Since I just learned this year do I get to start at 0? :smiley:

I think the first thing I ever did that closely resembled a snatch was back in march and that was about 30 kg and my clean and jerk was about 40 kg. My best snatch is now 57kg and my best clean is 69kg and best jerk is 67kg. My technique still sucks and I can FS 75kg for a triple and haven't done a lift that really felt too heavy yet so I think I have more newbie gains to come soon! I weighed 57kg at the start of the year and I'm now having trouble staying below 63kg.

training sn 30>57 cj 40>67
comp sn 45>52 cj 60>65

My new year's resolution was to learn how to snatch half-decently.


Best sn last year: 57 in comp, 62.5 in training
Best c&j last year: 86 in comp, 85 in training

Best sn this year: 70 in comp, 75 in training and I feel like I am capable of 80
Best cj this year: 95 in comp, 98 in training, 102 clean in training

There have been a few reasons why I didn't improve as much as I could have. 2012 will be better.


2010 PR's:

Sn- 80
CJ- 107
Cn- 110
Rack jerk- 110
FS- 135
BS- 175
PS- 70
PC- 90

2011 PR's:

Sn- 107 (damn near got 108 the other day)
CJ- 125 (I'm good for 130 right now, I'll get the bastard soon)
Cn- 127
Rack jerk- 136
FS- 170
BS- 200
PS- 95
PC- 110

Not bad progress overall for me. I hit the clean PR way back in June though, so that's been stalled for a bit. It's my nemesis!



I'll come back to this thread on New Year's eve, see if I can't pop some PRs and some big numbers over the next two weeks.


Last year approximately at this time I just started with:
Sn: 40kg
C&J: 50kg
Back Squat: 95kg
BW: 67kg

Last PRs:
Sn: 80kg
C&J: 95kg
Back Squat: 110kg
BW: 73kg


Same mate. I'm hoping to get some PB's before the year is out!



You've done very well this year!



Your technique is pretty good on the Sn and Clean. The Jerk is coming along.



Still lots of room for improvement! I think I'm happy with my progress for the year. I was hoping for bodyweight snatch sooner but I think it won't be long.


2-3months :slightly_smiling:

What is the most you've attempted?



Snatch in comp 85-> 105 =19%
Clean and jerk in comp 100->130= 24%

Snatch in training 95->112=16%
Clean and jerk in training 110->130=14%

Front squats have gone from 140kg in july to 160kg as of Monday.

Goal for next year is 120/25 snatch and 145/50 clean and jerk MINIMUM. I also need to get an 185FS to win a bet.

Bring on 2012.


Really solid gains mate! Congrats!



I hope so! 58kg was close. I haven't been able to hit more than 55kg for a while now though. I'm catching kind of sloppy and my feet are twisting. I think if I tried I could PS 57 or more but I'm trying to break the habit and be better at getting under.

My hip is irritated and I'm wondering if that's what's screwing up my feet because it's tight or something.


Hey guys, I don?t do Olympic lifting but I have been practicing the snatch (power snatch) for about the last 3 months and I went for 70kg to 95kg I should hit 100kg by year?s end. Mind you it?s not the best technique by far but I?m happy with it.

As soon as I can sort out my wrist flexibility/ mobility I will start working on some cleans


Just thought I'd throw it in, but I got 115 Snatch today, That means 95->115 that means 18%



Year's not quite over yet..I hope I can come back to this thread tomorrow :slightly_smiling:


At the beginning of the year, if memory serves, my bests were:
125 snatch
160 clean and jerk
175 front squat (may have been 170, can't remember for sure)
201 back squat

Generally speaking I wasn't getting close to those numbers very often though. Had a few blah competitions in the spring, basically spent the summer working a lot, working out about 1x a week and getting skinny. Started getting my shit together again in August, and since then:
135/166 in competition for a 301 total (probably good for 170ish that day though, stupid mistake on my part)
couple of narrow misses at a 137.5 snatch the other day
175 clean and jerk yesterday
over the last two weeks, front squatted 165x3, 175x2 and 185x1, and back squatted 185x3, 195x2 and 210x1

Overall I'm pretty happy with how my year went, haha.


This is a deload week for me though I did FINALLY hit a 200 total at our club meet earlier this month.

Now, here' how you end the year. This is Mike Nackoul on his last day as a Junior lifter:

142.5 SN

and then a 145:

He already hit a 186 cnj at Jr. World's to take 7th this past summer.


Yay cleaned 72kg today so my best clean goes up. No jerk though. I locked myself in the basement and wasn't coming out without a pr for the last workout of 2011 :stuck_out_tongue: