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Year by Year Results Since You Started


since I just got back from holiday so I'm posting from work again...:stuck_out_tongue:

If you can put down your year on year results since you started that would be cool to check out.

Started out at in summer of 99 at 15.5yrs old :stuck_out_tongue:

35/45 @ 75kg 06/1999
2000 can't remember what I did but progress was about 10-12kg on my lifts pear year for 3yrs? Not sure how I got to 100/120?
2001 no idea what I was doing here?
2002 no idea what I was doing here again? I remember Snatching BW and thinking that was bad ass :stuck_out_tongue: then making the magic 100!!!
100/120 @ 77kg 09/2002 : not sure if I did this in 2002 or 2003? I swear I did 100/120 @ 77kg though?
105/125 08/2006 @ 81.8kg
116/142 @ 83.5kg 09/2007 this was an immense year, really strung in some good stuff from 2006 to 07! I remember missing 118 narrowly that year also, I think 120 as well.
2008 NO IMPROVEMENT : Obsessed with keeping my bw down and that killing me at comps
120/145 @ 90kg 12/2009
122/147 @ 89kg 08/2010

xx/xx @ xxkg 2011 what will I get this year? As much as I can possibly grab...130/155 are reasonable targets to start with but we will see, such as the lame ass 2kg per lift per year over 08,09 and 10.


My next comp is this Saturday i will let you know then. Unfortunately my last 3 training sessions have not been good. My snatches are all over the place.

2007 @ 77kg i first started and got 70 and 90 in a comp

early 2008 at 85KG(i weighed 78kg) i got 80 and 100 in training but only did 75 and 100 in comp

I had to stop lifting till August 2010 because of school so i am about to do my fist comp since i started training again. I have got a 90 Kg snatch and 110 C&J in training. Saturday I am trying for 95KG snatch and 115KG C&J (I have plenty of strength for this my technique is lacking because i am still kind of new at this). I want to open with 85 and 105 but my coach said we will see what happens in the warm up room and go from there.


Apr '09 - first meet after switching to o-lifting a few months prior, 110/140 power snatch/power clean and jerk in the 105s (made weight without really working for it)
Mar '10 - 125/160 at western canadians in the 105s, little more work making weight but i overshot the cut at this meet by like 1.5-2 kg haha

Now obviously I've done a few more meets than that, but the timeline works better this way with about a year between each (and assuming I'm on the western canadian team again this year I'll have another March meet for '11 to add in a few months). Also I'm walking around at about 109-110 now, so making weight is a little more of a chore (if only I had better control over my eating habits so I could lean out a little haha).


July 2009 - First meet, 77kg BW, about 80/100
August 2010 - Best meet to date, 77kg BW, 102.5, 120

shooting for over 110/130 this year


Why not just list the best you got in that year? Doesn't matter when you got the lifts as long as they were in that year.

125/160, nice! What are you doing around 109/110?! If thats a morning weight you go ta solid 4/5kg to drop in 3-4weeks unless you just sauna 1-2kg off the day before.

I'm chasing you man!!!!

Solid stuff mate.

I got the English Champs on the 19th Feb. I'm going to go for 'consistency'. I may get more then 2 out of 6 lifts for once...OR I may just go balls to the wall and through a dice to see if I get the lift or not...lol



Well, if we're doing it that way, then best in-comp lifts were:
'09-115 snatch, 150 clean and jerk, 258 total
'10-125 snatch, 160 clean and jerk, 285 total

And 109/110 isn't a morning weight, I generally weigh myself immediately post-workout (so I'm a little bloated on fluid sometimes) and I haven't had serious issues making weight yet. Being an ex-wrestler probably doesn't hurt with that, although I'm trying to make weight more off of diet manipulation (primarily sodium and water intake if possible) and less off last minute work.



You got to see my little bros results, it's f0cking sick. I'll write up his progress and it's f0cking disgustingly good...makes me nearly want to throw up!




thats easily 107/108kg morning weight. No issue cutting to 105kg for you man!

How many sessions and what sort of routine are you currently on?

Mines 3x a week, getting back in to lifting so just doing the lifts, and I'm going to work on my Jerks. Going to do a full clean, front squat then Jerk. This MUST gurantee I have reseves to Jerk the f0cking bar. Going to dip a tad slower, more steady and a tad deeper from now on. Going to squat for 4's and up it and just get stronger in my squats. I'll see how my lifts go for the next 4-5 weeks.

English in 4 weeks time so I'll see how I do in that then the British in July where I'll work soemthing out. Going to hammer the creatine after the English!



I'm programmed for 6 days/week, but school and life tend to get in the way sometimes so it's not always 6x/week. On a light week right now, all power stuff and no squats, I kind of screwed myself up over Christmas so we're taking a lighter week right now before I start hammering away heavy again to gear up for Western Canadians at the end of March.





Had a meet on 1-22-11

Snatch 87
C&J 105

I am a bit disappointed my training bests 2 months ago were 90 and 110.


Started lifting on a regular basis in 01/2010. Had two comps in 2010, which were the only comps i've done so far.

11/2010: 57/80, BW 70.8
12/2010: 55/86, BW 71

Training bests: 07/2010: C&J 90 kg @ BW 72
12/2010: Snatch 70 kg @ BW 71

Aiming for 80/105 in a comp in 2011, though it might seem overly ambitious.


only two years in so far

2010: 73sn/93cj @83 16-17 School age
2011: 95sn/110cj @86 Junior

Looking for 105sn/120cj this year. Need a 217 total for my first nationals.


80/105 is doable mate. Just be consistent and train hard.



Nice mate!